1. I got 5 active HP laptops in the house running Chromium based browsers. This 100% is a local thing.

  2. Update, I got it to work by altering the files, but I'm gonna follow all of your guy's tips just in case if it breaks again, because I have a feeling it's going to

  3. i agree tho i just couldn’t figure out what block to put there because none seemed to fit

  4. If it is labeled as "allowed to be used on YouTube.", while the owner may have given permission for the song to be used on YouTube, today, you're subject to risk that it could change any time. To avoid any potential issues, getting licensed content from services like

  5. Yes, I have noticed this quite often. Music is free only for a limited time. Once it gets popular, the owner wants all the money.

  6. Well I only have 360 subscribers at the moment so I don't see my shorts really blowing up especially since the songs I'm using are by Rise Against, Sum 41, and the Foo Fighters and such, and a majority of people who use shorts listen to garbage that tiktok made famous

  7. Because that's how fiveamp makes money, and in turn you get great stuff in your game it's a win-win

  8. Harmless sowbug, fun fact, they are actually isopods. Sowbugs can be characterized by a flatter body and have their legs and antennae stick out more, while pillbugs/roley poleys are more curved and have their legs and antennae stick out less

  9. What device do you have? Your device has likely ended update support if you're still waiting for one ui 3 in 2023, because one ui 3 was a thing in 2021

  10. I don't have anything else useful to say but that's one of my favorite songs 😭💯👍👍

  11. Nah the minecraft monster schools are way worse everyone gets pregnant

  12. 2000 - 2013 kids: watching minecraft mod videos and figuring out how to summon herobrine

  13. if you thought most of these were luxury, especially boxed mac, you might be from a hick town

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