1. Shades of Virat Kohli! The decade might belong to him if he plays consistently.

  2. I always forget to close my tab at the pub, so spaces for sure.

  3. Ok, so I am actually a new programmer. Why tf would people use spaces over tabs, it's so much easier, my prof went on abt it in our course and he preferred spaces. I hate how agonizingly painful it is to watch him hit spaces when there literally is tab button right there.

  4. Legend has it that they're still waiting for UltraEdge

  5. Was I the only one who didn't see a spike at all when the ball hit the forearm, don't think it was the correct "ultraedge". But obviously it was a not out so we are good

  6. So we defeated NZ in an ICC knockout and lost to them in a bilateral on the same day. What timeline is this?

  7. Honestly can lose all the fucking bilaterals if it means we win vs nz in ICC

  8. Good to see Siraj getting all the accolades, he’s come a long way from being trolled for his bowling at the RCB to being the leader of this Indian attack in the absence of Bumrah.

  9. Hijacking top comment, not relevant to this: I fucking hate the mods on this sub. I posted the same post yesterday and it got remove due to Rule 7. I'm like okay, then someone else posted it, I saw it, and that also got removed. Rant over.

  10. The one match that Rohit plays an excellent innings in a while, Kohli comes in and plays an even better inning, just for the laughs.

  11. Hoping Rohit runs out Koach again πŸ‘€

  12. One of the best, lower order covered a lot of top order shit, but it's good we lost, Sri Lanka played well

  13. Hey this bot got a new feature guys

  14. Yeah, didn't think he would've bowled 2 more no balls in the 19th over

  15. Make that 13 no balls as he bowled a no ball on 18.4 in the recent Ind Vs Sri Lanka

  16. And Another 14th no ball as he bowls 18.5 in the recent Ind Vs Sri Lanka

  17. Green, Tim David, Jofra Archer and Stubb's/baby Ab sounds real good

  18. Imagine Dragging these nuts on yo face

  19. Haven't seen Iyer batting much, has he improved on his short ball problem because the previous scores suggest that?

  20. I do believe that Sky is capable of crossing that 1000 cricket rating

  21. It's impossible to reach 1000 points. Even Bradman's highest rating is 961 points

  22. Damn, puts Bradman in a new perspective for me, already knew he was goat, but that's actually insane if Max is 1000.

  23. If Pant scores good today, say above 75 runs, would the reaction of this sub change, or would it be like rahane and Kl innings?

  24. Hey guys, so I work at the ICC, AMA

  25. I can see Umran not selected due to rain and smaller ground dimensions, so it's tactically better, but Fucking Sanju not selected is a crime at this point, better than Pant And Kishan, coming from a long time Mi supporter and A Pantie fan

  26. India has Sachin Lara and Sehwag grinding in the domestic circuit but instead they want to play gilchrist

  27. wheres the lad that hit prime bhuvi and scored 128, SMDH with this performance

  28. People criticize way too much claiming Sky doesn't perform in semi finals, if it weren't for the best performing players such as Sky and Virat, we wouldn't reach semi finals.

  29. If people evey doubt Hawkeye, remember it's an independent company that lends it's services to cricket and tennis and stuff, they are supposed to independent

  30. Played Pant to play against Rashid, mf England played him out and even got our best batsman

  31. Just so People know, KL Rahul and Virat Kohli played equally good today, if you praise Kohli then don't have an hate boner for Kl, he also played good

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