1. Same thing happens to me. Use your laptop or desktop and it will place

  2. Thanks for posting the solution to this problem.

  3. Expect it to take a few days, particularly since this is the weekend.

  4. If you hate the site and feel the need to post about it on the internet with curse words in your title, why are you still playing there?

  5. I haven’t won shit in months. Yet, I keep depositing. Lol. I’m sure you will be banned for bad mouthing Bovada, but nice to know I’m not the only one getting my ass kicked.

  6. You are describing perfectly normal mathematical variance.

  7. Fuck cheapskate Bovada. It’s a total waste of time chatting with those customer reps lol

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  9. Glanced at your site and here are my constructive comments:

  10. Not to mention you have to think of this sub Reddit as a worst version of yelp. People who are regular Reddit users aren’t going to seek out Reddit to share that they’ve won. After a big loss or a bad streak folks will seek out any platform to share their displeasure.

  11. That is more or less what the internet has become. A place to complain.

  12. Yes you can bet on Bovada in Maine. Here is a link to information on poker online in Maine,. It also contains a section that I am directly linking you to discussing the

  13. Bovada has very sophisticated fraud detection techniques. Looks to me like you are clearly associated with someone else and they need to make sure you are who you say you are.


  15. Nice job on the Buffalo. Welcome back to the sub.

  16. Just shut it down for good it doesn’t happen again after

  17. I am leaving this post up as an example of what we do NOT tolerate in this subreddit.

  18. yeah noticed for each deposit, you're either hitting consistently regardless of the game and can triple the deposit quick, or you're having 50% RTP for the session until deposit gone lol

  19. You are describing nothing more than normal statistical variance.

  20. I only do blackjack, and I don’t like the other sites because they all have ugly interfaces. Probably just going to quit online gambling and stick to live.

  21. There are a few different versions of blackjack on Ignition. Which version are you playing?

  22. Lol first company ever to tell their consumers not to have more than one account per household

  23. Same. I’ve signed up for at least 10 online casinos and have played for years and never got added to that list. Then I signed up for and within 10 minutes I got a notification of being on a global players list. I continue to get bonuses everywhere except

  24. How do you know the size of their crypto portfolio? I'd love to have a look at some info or a link.

  25. Mixed fiat and crypto casinos rarely hold large amounts of crypto. Yes there are hot wallets and some cold wallet storage in order to handle withdrawal requests, but Bovada, Ignition, Betonline, America's Cardroom, etc are not holding hundreds of millions/billions of dollars in crypto just riding the wave.

  26. Where are you reading/seeing/hearing this? (I went through that years ago with FullTilt already)

  27. In this community we hope to promote healthy and responsible gambling. For folks who feel like their gambling is getting out of control, we would suggest checking out

  28. If you need a fix that badly, there is the

  29. Foget about compensation. I have 12k in my account. Was hoping to withdraw this morning and this is never ending shit maintenence. I hope its not another hack like it happened couple months ago and atleast money is safe.

  30. Can your provide proof there was a "hack"?

  31. Thank you! Yes it was a tough beat to go out on, but consistency is what matters and that’s what got me to 4th. This my 5th or 6th cash playing MTT, my biggest was for first in a similar prize pool, took $240 I think.

  32. Don’t use Cashapp I used to do this last year when I was new and got it banned.

  33. Cashapp is fine to use, so long as a personally controlled intermediary wallet is used inbetween Bovada (or any other online gambling website) and Cashapp.

  34. Interested to see how it goes for you. Looking to do the same


  36. Short answer is yes you can play on some sites available to Texans .. can you win at these sites ? That is a different question. I netted profit every year on Poker Stars until black Monday. After that I could still win on Bodog which was had Gaming license in Canada. Eventually this site became Bovada & Ignition. These sites Do Not have a gaming license. They operate with business license only. Suddenly I can no longer win at online poker. Sorry friend , in my experience it’s Ok or LA for us Texans .. I miss it terribly..

  37. A number of my alerts have been going off late as well. Not sure why.

  38. There is an extra setting you need to enable.

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