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  1. Once I'm dead, I don't give a fuck, I'm worried they go trough my stuff while Im alive and they judge me xd

  2. Holy fuckin shit, you rock! I'm so proud of you, internet friend, enjoy this win, it's even better than moass and you know what I'm talking about, there's nothing as valuable as being healthy!

  3. Do you know how many people think that you don't need to wash your ass while showering?

  4. They are after the premiums from the guys who buy options, seen it a hundred times already.

  5. I could see that making sense. Still feels disingenuous but I hear you.

  6. Completely unnecessary to be on camera, it is a marketing trick. She could be supportive and not be visibly crying there.

  7. …Because she’s his wife.

  8. You dont have to go to school to be an apprentice and you dont have to be an apprentice to go to school. But if you want a complete education in your trade you should do both. And if you want to be licensed you have to have so many hours in the trade to be eligible to take the exam.

  9. Oh I see, I'm a machinist and started as an apprentice too, you don't need to have so many hours but you have to pass the written exam and obviously be tested at the various machines we use, you can absolutely be downgraded if you fuck up but that's unheard-of since we are also unionized.

  10. That's one of the downsides of unions, incompetent fuck ups who should be fired are protected. You see this happening in the teacher's and priest's unions.

  11. I agree, I'm a specialist and I would report so many incompetent coworkers here if it didn't go against union rules.

  12. I'm sorry you were down voted because of a joke, reddit is full of kids these days.

  13. Yes I knew that. Certain type of pokemon "fans" have ruined Lucario and Gardevoir forever.

  14. Okay but that's just instruction I could read in the wiki. I mean more like, how was I supposed to find out? Is there anything pointing that way? Since obviously I wasn't supposed to find it through exploration because Iji is in Liurnia and it's been explored at this point.

  15. It's easier for you to look for a different guy, and for him to look for a girl who dislikes condoms, there's lots of em.

  16. Correction. Move away a safe distance and start filming. The stupidity needs to be documented.

  17. I have been in rooms with adults who do the same things. I had to prove a coworker was sabotaging some work equipment to get out of work. He was on video. His badge was read at the door entering the facility. We watched him on HD video playback enter that door. He passed by two security cameras, dressed as he always did: jean vest, comdex tee shirt, leather boots. Had a beard and cap like he was wearing in front of us at that very moment. Watched him on video walk to equipment, disable it, walk back out. Me, him, his boss, and HR. We stopped the tapes.

  18. Been there a few times, it amused my wife that I wasn't a bit scared and knew how to deal with it when it happened to her, she's not the jealous type, luckily.

  19. My friend liked weed and didn't like working, so he did weed before going to work, then at work we got budget for antidoping, he's not working anymore.

  20. Better yet, when it dies don't let them forget they didn't care for it well enough and guilt them for the rest of their lives every time they ask for a pet.

  21. Whoops. I totally missed a word. It is very unsaturated (clear)

  22. Just what I wanted to say too. He's the one using drugs. Not OP. If he doesn't want to risk his career, maybe he should, you know, not do drugs...

  23. Or careers shouldn't be decided by a little weed here and there, do they test for alcohol? Why is alcohol better? Answer because old people like alcohol and hate on weed.

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