Splatoon 2

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  1. He said himself on Twitter he isn't nor has ever claimed to be a game designer so I'm not sure where that info comes from.

  2. Not sure myself, the closest ive had is programming classes, but I wouldn't count those, that is something I've mentioned before, so I could see if those 2 got mixed up.

  3. Thats a really cool story, the main comment got most of what I would say, and a game thats a loss would work better for a review in future. Best of luck 2 u

  4. This might come out of nowhere, but I always thought your voice sounded really cool.

  5. The more you look the worst it gets, I swear its not edited no idea what happened, classic splatoon transition ig

  6. Yo this looks sick, thank you so much!

  7. Yeah that isn't true Jossi and you know it. Real rude of you to try and spread misinformation about me.

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