1. I don’t believe for a second that she’s ever been SA’d.

  2. That a dumb bitch murdered her daughter, then got a lawyer and defense team that did everything right. They are still on her team... they created and bought the lies hook line and sinker, and never deviated from them. Casey is lucky that the environment destroyed all of the tracing evidence that would've sealed her guilt. She killed her baby to start a new life with the guy that said he couldn't have a life with a girl who had kids. She stole from her family, lied to everyone, and was a basic failure. Her dad had it with her bullshit, and just told the truth. Is he creepy? yes he is. But he grieved that baby, as did Cindy, although she was completely beside herself. She knew in her heart Casey was a shit, but would protect her so she would at least have her daughter around after Caylee was killed. RIP Caylee

  3. George trying to help his daughter get the death penalty defies understanding. This family is so f-ed up. He acknowledges it was an accident but still wants her to get the death penalty. There is just no way. Even if she killed Caylee in cold blood, you'd imagine Casey's own parents wanting her punished but not killed. He had to have just wanted to get rid of Casey....right? I imagine Jeffrey Dahmer's parents still didn't want him to die even though the rest of us did.

  4. He said in an interview he believes she intentionally killed her and deserves to be behind bars for the rest of her life.

  5. To be fair … she didn’t seem to keep the brightest of company. … but sociopaths tend to need dim witted people around because they are easier to manipulate.

  6. I keep reading it’s bias but I don’t see it. They gave her a lot of rope and she hung herself in it, IMO. No reasonable person can come away with thinking she’s innocent, unless they are trying to be edgy.

  7. Amanda is innocent, although a bit strange - which she readily admits - but so much of her case was slanted due to the PD in Italy.

  8. If Casey admitted to him that she killed Caylee, why wouldn't he know where the body was? She knew where she dumped the body. She's not going to admit to murder and then withhold the location of the body. It doesn't make any sense.

  9. I didn’t take it as Casey confessing. I think any reasonable and logical person knows Casey killed and hid the body, her lawyer included. After countless lies - nothing adding up - and so on.

  10. Dominic Casey is a crazy conspiracy theorist. He has no credibility.

  11. Cindy totally lied under oath. Remember how she said she was trying to type in chlorophyll because their dog ate grass or something? And chloroform came up? Total BS. Then they pointed out she was like at work at the time of the Internet searches. Unlike George, she was always trying to protect her sociopath daughter.

  12. No, they didn’t. They could not find anyone in their lives who used Xanax. They found Xanax NOWHERE at all. What about this can you not comprehend? THERE WAS NO XANAX. Even the prosecution admitted that there was no Xanax as badly as they wanted there to be.

  13. That’s not true. Friends , her boyfriend - xanax was readily available.

  14. George said in an interview that Caylee would sleep for extended hours and have sleep circles under her eyes. He said he believes Casey would routinely give Caylee something to sleep often. I believe that’s how she died.

  15. The part where the defense team gave her money and a place to stay and a job, like, What!!. I feel she has always gotten her way and things handed to her. She never had responsibility. She doesnt even live on her own right now, she has a roommate. Grow up and be an adult.

  16. I thought the same thing!!!!!!!!!! Somehow, I get the feeling he was the only one ok with it. No normal person would be ok with it. I have to wonder what was in it for him? Just saying.

  17. I have no idea how you can say her grief is real. I’m not trying to be rude, but I do wonder if there’s a lot of people… Perhaps people who are younger, and may be our fans of true crime… But that weren’t there for the actual details of the crime as it unfolded… Didn’t follow the court case… And now they are older and are watching this for the first time.

  18. May I ask what maybe specifically changed your mind? Not to debate, just genuinely curious.

  19. The terms sociopath and psychopath get thrown around much too flippantly these days. She's neither.

  20. Usually I’d agree. But not in this case. She’s a textbook sociopath.

  21. I think that part was telling as well. For opposite reasons, though. It makes me think this wasn't an accident or even "drugging", but cold-blooded 1st degree murder. You know how they said all of Casey's lies have a kernel of truth? I wouldnt even call them a kernel...but rather a snippet from her experiences. Jeffrey is a good example. Could be a coincidence but Caylee's body near homes where a "Zenaida" lived and a few houses down a person with the last name "Gonzalez". The apartment of Zenaida was where her friend lived. She cherry picks reality to make her own stories believable.

  22. I think when confronted with facts and when she knows someone isn’t buying her lies, she gets combative and loses the cool exterior act.

  23. He’s on TikTok spouting his BS to the young folk. He’s also QANON so that tells your everything

  24. Stopppppp. Is he really? I’m not shocked but yikes. What a joke.

  25. 100%. She is creepy and unsettling. I would never want to be alone with her.

  26. When she talks about Caylee, it’s like her talking about an object. It’s not warm… She talks about her like a pair of shoes she misplaced. All the lies - none of it making sense.

  27. I agree. I really want to believe her, and at times I did, but her crying often felt forced and overly dramatic. I’m very sensitive to others’ emotions and if someone is crying hard I have to fight to hold back tears, but I didn’t feel that at all when she cried.

  28. Same. That bitch was trying hard to squeeze out those tears at times lol.

  29. Yes, she did it. And I think she hates both her parents but especially her father. And I think she despises him because unlike the mom, he saw through her BS. There is nothing a sociopath hates more than the person who can see through them. They are danger to their sociopathic survival.

  30. Her facial expressions, voice, and attitude all seem so robotic and rehearsed. It’s like watching a bad lifetime movie.

  31. Exactly!! I whole heartedly believe she was not abused. I feel like it’s another way for her to once again be seen as a victim and shift blame away from herself. Even when she’s telling the story of being SA’d and drugged it sounds more like someone who researched what an encounter like that would be like. With her using words like she woke up feeling “lethargic”. The perfect way to describe it is performative. Everything about her story felt wrong. Including when she said she couldn’t sleep the night before because she was having “nightmares”. You can tell she was thrown off by the interviewer asking her what the nightmare was about. She responded in an almost defensive way with zero emotion.

  32. Yes. When she describes waking up from her supposed party rape - she says she realized she had forcible sex. Totally bizarre phrasing that sounds like something she prepped.

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  34. You’re awesome for looking after this little dude. Thank you.

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