1. I think it was good actually. Always loved it ❤️

  2. Wait, what happens if both raava and vaatu are ‘destroyed’? Who reforms within who? Or is that the apocalypse button

  3. That’s what I’ve been asking for years.. 😫

  4. Not usually my style but that beat with the energy of the scenes was great, what's the song?

  5. I don't get in what universe does Korra beat Dark Avatar Azula lol, Korra lost to Kuvira people

  6. Korra was stumbling around for half the show, being beaten by pretty much whatever came into her path..

  7. This fight undoubtedly comes down to who has a more powerful avatar state. Taken at their power levels at the end of their respective shows, and with the given that Aang has no choice but to fight her, Aang would win without a doubt. Avatar state grants you “all the skills and knowledge of the past avatars.” Korra severed that connection during her show, so she has the weakest avatar state since Wan. Aang on the other hand has the strongest. Korra almost certainly has more combat skill (and is also older), but that doesn’t really mean much in the face of overwhelming power. Aang fighting Ozai is just a whole different level and we never saw Korra approach that kinda power.

  8. Umm, remember how korra kicked unavattus ass?

  9. I remember watching this the first time and getting absolutely blown away, even now I still get goosebumps watching this fight

  10. The cycle would be broken, and Raava would have died because she is a spirit in mortal form. Just like the moon in the body of a koi fish.

  11. What would happen to Vaatu then.. How will he emerge, if Raavas dead?

  12. This conclusion is so amazing! This is the best essay I’ve ever read in the Avatar community, you really deserve at reward for this ❤️ this also makes sense, since Korra’s was afraid of herself (PTSD) while fighting Kuvira the first time.

  13. I don’t know about PS4 but I do know where to get it on PC

  14. I still have this game on my ps4 lmfao, i still play it to this day, the probending is fun i just wish the game was longer, but it's actually nice and the cutscenes are a little wocky but it's a good game, just short,.

  15. It's the things korra hears when she is meditating in the tree of time as tenzin is leaving.


  17. Bitch stfu, season 3 ONLY had more horrifying scenes than fkn Aang shit.

  18. Bitch, what ya proplem? Lemmi be traumatized ✋

  19. When darkness and light meet it's always the light that overpowers. Darkness only grows where the light can't reach.

  20. Hair down, chains and shackles around her arms, glowing eyes, berserker mode, and a bit poisoned.

  21. Not hot, explosive 🥵🧎🏽‍♂️

  22. I’d prefer long hair, bc it’s the original ❤️

  23. Korra went through so much more shit than Aang. The only real trauma he experienced was finding out his people were destroyed and when he almost died by lightning. Which for sure is a lot for a 12 year old to go through, but Korra basically got her ass kicked for 3 years and faced her worst fears over and over again, almost broke completely, and barely managed to keep it together long enough to figure her life out. She's a more flawed and mature protagonist for a more flawed and mature show.

  24. You’re right. Korra has been through alot.. especially the fight witch Zaheer was something no avatar could bare.

  25. I got this from a friend, but u can watch Avatar Korra on

  26. Bro… i saw this exact video on tiktok and you didn’t even attempt to crop out the watermark. If it’s not yours give credit

  27. Omg I can’t wait for Korra’s movie.. ❤️❤️

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