1. I am having both right now… with an itchy eye

  2. As someone who has been in this sub for 2 years , with 3 - 4 accounts , I can conclude that this sub is no where near what it was in the covid days , all the OG members are gone and now there are 14 year olds spamming accha on Every second post.

  3. Nothing.. becoming main stream is inevitable

  4. True true.. :’( I have been here for 1 and 1/2 year and its not the same

  5. Smell, looks? Similar likings, most importantly how she behaves and Smartness

  6. on your birthday so that you can give me your birthday treat

  7. My birthday is coming up on 17th nov? Wanna catch up?

  8. Dost ke yaha chaley jaunga Ya poorey colony mei bol dunga ki ghar se nikaal diya

  9. Once you have made sure that he/she’s a hygienic person.

  10. Ek dhrox04 naam ka bhi user hota tha from lukhnow

  11. My dad bought this taxidermy snake thing while deployed to Vietnam in the late 60’s. It has 3 cobras and they are wrapped around a mongoose while looking down on it. He paid a guy a nickel who then sent a 5 year old kid into a field. The kid then captured the 3 cobras and they had the mongoose already waiting. They then killed the 3 cobras and mongoose stuffed them, mounted them, and gave it to my dad. He said he thought he was already buying the made up display one. He tried to stop the guy from sending the kid in the field. However the language barrier and it happening so fast. He ended up tipping the kid $5 USD but the older guy took it from him. My dad still has except it needs to be fixed. My sister and I brought it out when we were kids and our cat attacked it breaking one of the Cobras.

  12. Bhai dekh if you dont like the girl then reject. Cause there is a difference, Between liking the idea of having a perfect girlfriend and feeling love for a girl that you wanna date.

  13. People can be perfect. It’s not necessary you have feelings for them :)

  14. Naah. It was dry. I think they remove all the soup from the final product.

  15. Oh I actually didn’t know they served kfc popcorn chicken with maggi at KFC

  16. These cars would cost like 40 lakhs if they came to India courtesy of the Indian government

  17. Still I believe it would be much cheaper than a beamer convertible and better than a mini cooper

  18. Theek theek kamra hai yaar atleast delhi/dhanbad jitna chota toh nahi hai, lighting ki kami hai tho, aur whitewash mein paise bacha liye

  19. Bhai atleast 20 tak to jaana chahiye yahaan ki garmi me

  20. bhai mere bhai bit pilani mei padhta hai salala udhar toh fan bhhi nhi hai

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