1. No. But it could have some shadowy projections that reach up like wings. That would be lovely.

  2. Im currently 20 all im just trying to do is get my german good enough to talk to people maybe even move there one day if it goes well enough for me. might consider UT but i have no clue how much it would cost to take it by itself there

  3. I took a number of German classes at UT while I was enrolled in another program. They have some really high quality professors - although I also cannot speak to the cost or feasibility of enrolling for just individual classes.

  4. Knoxville Youth Ultimate (frisbee). All volunteer high school frisbee league. Money goes toward fields, equipment, and scholarships to help less fortunate children participate.

  5. Hey, I used to play in that league! 9 seasons. 8 in highschool and 1 in Middle. Definitely had some complaints at the time with how it was run, but loved getting the opportunity to play Ultimate competitively. Very cool stuff.

  6. Haha we played both a spring and fall season! So it was 2 seasons a year. Now that I'm reading back that does sound pretty funny without the context...!

  7. Explanation: I recently got a bunch of gifted Lego Star Wars Sets for Christmas and wanted to organize my old sets to put new ones with them. Opened the #8036 shuttle that's been sitting on my shelf with Nute Gunray in the back for years to take him out. Trying to move his legs was a bit difficult but I was able to move them a bit. Tried to get them in position to put him upright and they broke off. Hoping the rest of the shuttle will stay standing

  8. Have you considered expanding into other hobbies? Personally, I've found that the board gaming hobby is a great way to make more personal connections.

  9. I'm sorry you got downvoted so much, but just to let you know, I think I see what you are saying.

  10. I've been spending too much time thinking about this, and have gone from "OP is off his rocker" to "maybe there's something here."

  11. Get a sleeve of solo cups (cheap camping/party cups) and large Ziploc bags so you can sort through everything.

  12. I've had good luck getting used Subarus from City Limit Motors in Clinton. It helps if you like Subarus but they have other stuff too, usually.

  13. This. I and my immediate family have bought 10+ Subarus from these guys. If you ever need work on a Subaru, their mechanics know those vehicles extremely well.

  14. The question is why do people decide to beg a company for free shit when it’s quite clearly your own fault for damaging your property.

  15. I think it's because he presumes that OPs flooded car was OPs "fault" and then insinuated that OP was "begging" for free stuff from LEGO. The whole tone was inflammatory.

  16. Think of it like this, by purchasing LEGO you are paying a "baked in" premium for top of the line customer service, which includes access to replacement parts if necessary. It's like a form of toy insurance.

  17. Had a blast creating my first MOC as an adult. Made entirely with parts from 31109, this is my rendition of a Pirate Battle Wagon. A small compartment inside hides an entire cannon! This is very useful for dealing with all sorts of more land based problems... Hope you all enjoy!

  18. I have no idea, but one of my really early ones was (most likely) the 7668 Rebel Scout Speeder, as I remember having a bunch of rebel dudes, to the point that I thought they were the default lego people. And the dates line up, it came out in 2008 and the farthest back I can remember is 2009

  19. I think that was quite possibly my second set - I want to say I got its counterpart, 7667 first.

  20. I am not an accountant but do work for a top ten accounting firm in their advisory practice, so take this maybe with a grain of salt, but the industry appears to have sizeable options for remote work currently.

  21. Haha, actually Deloitte is not one of the firms I referenced. I will say that my remote experience has been nothing but positive with my firm. Management really does practice what they preach. To be fair, I don't work for a big four firm though so I don't know how that dynamic is.

  22. These kinds of things used to make me sad because I am the man in the suit now.

  23. Same here. I've always viewed being the "man in the suit" as the means to the end for providing for my future kids etc. It's just a matter of maintaining that perspective and not allowing the BS motivations of business land to corrupt the original intent haha.

  24. It’s like you went out of your way to misunderstand me. Hard to google means it’s hard to find relevant results because the words are common.

  25. My apologies, I considered that was a possibility while typing it, but ended up landing on the other option. I'd come from another subreddit that was pissing me off so you might have gotten some of that frustration as collateral. Again, my apologies.

  26. I'm sure someone else commented this, but if you don't want to spend money on a dice tower , don't have a ton of table space, and are playing a game with loads of dice (like TI4 combat for example), just roll into the box lid. At this point it's basically a ritual in my game group that we stand with the box and roll for combat.

  27. Raft of the Medusa is the painting it’s based off of

  28. Actually, it is based on The Storm on the Sea of Galilee by Rembrandt.

  29. Star Wars: Rebellion. That probe deck is excellent.

  30. For me, yes. The high-level play of searching for the base was fun. Everything below it was not.

  31. Huh - interesting. I find the combat (with the expansion) to be the best boardgame combat mechanics in the industry I've found. But to each their own!

  32. Hits me in the gut every time. I'm a "young professional" and I hope by the time I have kids I'll have the willpower to be like Calvin's dad here. His character was well built for this moment...

  33. I especially like the conversation he has with his dad where his dad shows his own hopeless idealism by saying sports teach you to "win graciously and accept defeat." Really develops his dad's character more than I'd ever noticed before by it's juxtaposition with reality at Calvin's school.

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