1. I dont hate the pieces, I don't hate the players. This team will legitimately be a good young team for the nets moving forward. That... being... said.... I dont trust this organization as long as Sean Marks is employed here. I'm sure other superstars dont either. I hope they can be the next Celtics for their sake.

  2. He’s also one of the greatest ballers to ever live, basketball sub. Hf discussing his beliefs by all means.

  3. Dont argue with morons. Some people just wanna be haters. BK deserves this massive L.

  4. Hard not to feel that way after seeing how much the lakers got. Turns out their protected 1st round picks are extremely valuable.

  5. Im just waiting for people to grow up and hold Joe Tsai and Sean Marks accountable for the level of incompetence it takes to squander 3 elite generational talents. Say what you want about Kyrie, its evidently apparent they let other things get in the way of ensuring success. The fact that it's publicly known the trade was done out of spite should speak a thousand words. Simply unprofessional and devoid of class.

  6. Do you think Kyrie was unprofessional and devoid of class during his time with the Nets?

  7. I do think he was very emotional and unprofessional at times. Despite that he isnt the reason the nets imploded, Sean marks and Joe Tsai are. At the end of te day Kyrie did what he was paid to do, hoop. He isnt paid to represent the political views of NY, he's paid to be a superstar and be a superstar he was and he still is. KD was right about Nash and it took forever and a string of loses to get him out. What it take for Tsai to admit KD was right about Marks? Don't blame Kyrie for BK's dysfunction and mediocrity thats on the FO.

  8. Joe Tsai sucks but players need to be held accountable too

  9. No, we've dragged "players" (Harden, KD but really Kyrie) through the mud for literately a year and a half. Y'all need to give that energy you still got to Marks and Tsai.

  10. whining on reddit doesnt do anything you realize that right? Besides, the blame should be shared. Our role players didn’t step up when needed, our stars gave up too easily or got distracted, and our FO failed to properly manage the egos. We got Kyrie and KD for basically nothing, and now we have another teams picks and Bridges. CP3 is on retirements doorstep. We will have a lottery pick or two. Plus we will be dumping roleplayers soon for more picks.

  11. The nets went from title contenders, with 2 different rosters, to first round exists all because the FO doesnt want to take accountability, pay a man who should be getting paid (harden is getting paid isnt he?) and was publicly proven to be petty until the bitter end. I feel bad for the fans who were objective and could look beyond the over dramatization and over focus on Kyrie. I feel bad for the young players who grew immensely under the wing of Kyrie and KD, they lost two big brothers that are irreplaceable. Everyone else gets whats coming to them.

  12. The question is will Sean Marks be allowed to rebuild for Brooklyn again?

  13. That's a lot of detail missing. KD and Kyrie pushed for Dinwiddie, Allen and Caris to be traded for Harden, then drove Harden to want out, then Kyrie's antics and refusal to re sign bc of contract conditions forced the team's hand to trade him.

  14. You can curse those stars all you want but all stars are like that. You can take that wish of wanting a team full of role players who only think of the team and shove it. Not happening, every team worth salt has a star with an ego and those franchises get behind their guy. Joe Tsais guy was Sean Marks, not KD or Kyrie. Have fun being irrelevant.

  15. Lmao we’re irrelevant for another 10 years, I’m so fucking done

  16. Mavs fan here. I am TERRIFIED he is going to do the same thing to us...but I am going to try to enjoy the ride while he is here. He is extremely entertaining to watch on the court.

  17. Please do not take the sentiment here to heart. Kyrie is just another athelete and will do well for your basketball team. The city of New York is a lot more politically sensitive than the city of Dallas for sure. HE wont be coming for your children, or inciting others to burn your homes down. You will be fine, buckets will be had, life will move on. If he says something you dont like, call him an idiot like every normal person and leave it at that. This sub is full of over dramatic babies.

  18. I’d love to know what a Kyrie fan means by ‘you people’.

  19. General people who seek to continue to over dramatize every little thing. The "anti-semitism" debacle has been over for months now, even Adam Silver was involved and people still want to die on that hill. Let it go.

  20. I'm expecting something small tomorrow. Something like Seth for plumlee to give cam more minutes.

  21. Why look to shop seth when we have joe and patty we could seek to offload?

  22. Seth is 10x more prone to fouling people then Joe even tho joe makes bone headed plays I feel like Spencer can give him some good looks and idc what people say Joe shoots well against Boston this season, I rather patty and Day'ron go for another big

  23. Thats fine, in a proper lineup Seth wouldnt be needing to foul as often. He's an undersized guard that can create for himself and is an elite shooter on and off the dribble. His defensive liability is already accounted for in the line up since we have Ben, Clax, TJ, DFS, Royce, KD when he's healthy. He doesnt need to be crazy on D, even if get's switched on. Joe should be a knockdown shooter, but he's so inconsistent that his size and presumed offense do not matter much. Seth has had more influence on the outcome of games this season than joe.

  24. How is it Marks fault that Harden didn’t sign the extension that they offered and Kyrie didn’t get the jab and chose to sit and miss games? If anything it’s KD’s fault for putting his faith in those two guys. He had a great situation in Golden State that he decided to leave.

  25. It's his fault because he had the power to make concessions to make everyone happy. He could have urge Tsai to allow Kyrie to play ALL AWAY games from the start of the season until NY's mandate blew over. It's called damage control. give Harden/Kd some rest, dont go for the 1,2 or 3 seed but place 4 or 5th and easily ramp up in the playoffs. Work with what you got.

  26. Every franchise has to walk around eggshells and deal with personalities of superstars. This is what I don't get about Brooklyn fans, we want to blame all the big name players on our team; but when they explicitly tell you what they want to make the situation work you either do it or you dont. Kyrie wanted a guaranteed deal, KD wanted Marks and Nash fired. The team wasn't willing to do so and here we are. What should the team do if the star wants out? Send him to a place where it helps the team but doesnt screw Kd over. You burn bridges with stars, especially ones who are liked in the league, the less likely the current generation of stars are willing to come.

  27. Because FO did a horrible job at retaining that trio together. They had Nash as a fucking coach to begin with.

  28. dont bother defending yourself. Im convinced at this point most basketball pundits on reddit are emotional and maybe have a tinge of racism to the point they cant see it. Kyrie is no longer on the team and he is still peoples number one issue. If Kyrie isn't on the team, the nets don't need KD, they need a competent GM and owner who can actually get good pieces, not focus on extreme small ball, pay all their friends and get on twitter to bad mouth their employees. BK fans really act like the world JUST realized Kyrie says dumb shit ton SM an KD has multiple burner accounts/does what he can to get his way or move out. Shit ain't new, nets management is just incompetent.

  29. Appreciate you. The entire situation is extremely fucked and I just can’t wait for Nets to step away from it as far as they can. Trade KD, Ben and leave in past entire failed experiment.

  30. Im going to be completely honest, as much as I am for the nets "stepping away", I am legitimately disappointed. They in no short fashion proved they were an organization unwilling to take an opportunity presented in front of them to win. A lot of people fail to recognize "culture" takes a while to build, requires respect from an established coach and a FO with a good reputation. BK had this and choose to take on Kyrie and KD, they compromised what they felt was their "culture" and committed to KD/Kyrie, not the other way around. When push came to shove they didn't want to get with their program, tried to flip the narrative and fell flat. They could have recovered this year by giving Kyrie the max, moving patty and Joe and signing Ime but they didnt.

  31. When the alternative is homelessness, disease and starvation, yeah things come into perspective.

  32. Very commendable and wildly impressive but I don’t see how that has anything to do with who is the greatest player lol

  33. A lot of the debate comes down to the gravitas of the players. Their mythos I guess? People who vehemently argue either way, especially in Jordans case, do so because the feel a sense of reverence. No one could ever do what Jordan did, etc. I don't think there is factual basis or logic behind the heart of it, which is ok because I think either player has a legitimate case to be heralded as the Goat.

  34. This fandom really has the craziest takes... for real. Ben has no trade Value and we still look like a decent team. Please... stop.... y'all so dramatic when it comes to players.

  35. I mean we might here he’s been traded tomorrow for Siakam no request necessary lmao

  36. How many of y'all were ready to get rid of Cam for "poor body language" and "bad attitude". People act different when a MF scorin. lol

  37. The guy sat out for mental health reasons at one point. Ignored all credible science at refused to get vaccinated and missed most of a season because of it. tHEN he ignorantly offends the entirety of the Jewish people and when he’s called out on it doubles down and refuses to apologize… but yeah… joe tsai is the problem. No reason joe tsai should be a little bit upset with Kyrie at all.

  38. I’m not going to refute everyone of your points (pretty much all of which I disagree with) but your defense of his actions in regards to offending Jewish people is entirely reprehensible. Here’s the thing about offending people… you don’t get to decide if what you said was offensive… they do. It doesn’t matter if Kyrie saw no harm in what he did by promoting that film. What matter though is that when every major Jewish organization in the world condemned the comments and said they were offended he completely fumbled and doubled down on his ignorance. Rather than say ‘my bad, i didn’t realize that would be offensive to you. I’m sorry I offended you’ he doubled down and refused to apologize and accept anything other than his complete infallibility on the matter. He’s an extremely insensitive person to say the least. The whole leadership of the team threw him lifeline, after lifeline, after lifeline and he just kept doubling down on his ignorance and offense even more. There is absolutely NOTHING defensible about how Kyrie behaved across that whole matter. And if you think that he wasn’t in the wrong I’d argue you have some work of your own to do.

  39. It’s cool. I understand it’s a very sensitive subject and I believe the Jewish people who said they were offended. That being said I don’t believe he had Antisemitism in mind or at heart, Adam Silver vouched as much after pressing him publicly and formally requesting him to his office. He also publicly apologized thereafter. If people still do not want to forgive him for his actions after that, that is their decision to make. I am simply speaking my opinion on the matter.

  40. As much as I disdain how small we are we can’t give up Seth, our most consistent small ball guard currently on the team.

  41. Am I crazy to think that maxing out a FVV is stupid. Have the Nets not learned from 10 straight beatings to the Celtics that small guards are too easily exploitable?

  42. And you understand why some nets fans were ok with Kyrie. Because despite his “size” he was a star closer, a known quantity we knew was a net positive and didn’t add to our “issue”. Sean marks is incompetent as all hell and he should have left the team well before Kyrie.

  43. I have a couple thoughts! Umm lemme try and get this all out of my head.

  44. I get where you're coming from 100% and I don't think you're completely wrong in your replies, but unfortunately I dont think there is a better way to describe the phenomenon other than theorem vs practice. In theory it should be relatively easy or simple or not so unlikely to find a girl into anime, video games, etc.

  45. Wait, the franchise publicly decided to do that? Lol, come on man.

  46. Joe Tsai has notoriously spoken against Kyrie on multiple occasions publicly, something most owners would never do unless absolutely necessary. (IE distancing themselves from staunch criminal activity, domestic violence, assault or something of the like). You had an owner beefing with a player about a vaccine, a tweet and a post game press conference question over whether or not he would be working to stay in Brooklyn. He has been a highly emotional owner who is willing to join anti-kyrie echo chambers, which is odd to say the least. Things can be said behind closed doors, but it's all too obvious he chose to strong arm his stance on a super star player on his own team in a very personal fashion on multiple occasions over honestly mundane things for the most part. Some things I might add he'd be wrong about today (case in point NY Vaccine mandate being wrong).

  47. I'd have agreed with you if Kyrie didn't burn bridges with every franchise he ever played for.

  48. Im not absolving him of blame, but he shouldnt be the focal point either, as a Nets fan it's not about Kyrie to me. It's about everyone, including the media blaming the inadequacies of this team AS A WHOLE on Kyrie. Which is disgusting. Kyrie, KD and Harden's Job for us was to be superstars. Not to play every regular season game, not to be defenders of social justice, not to be perfect role models. Their LITERAL JOB is to be the corner stones for this franchise to compete for Championships. Everything else is secondary. The fact that the Front Office participated in Drama, got overly emotional and many of the problems still persist despite Kyrie and Harden leaving is a very saddening reality.

  49. For what, so "players" can be "Fairly" rewarded for completing content or something? Lets be honest here, the only people who would be doing this content are the current Bussing community, who outside of completing it the first time for thier own personal fun/enjoyment of hell mode; would most certainly add it to thier already existing list of exorbitant and lucrative sources of gold income from cheaters, botters, RMTers etc. The hardcore content in this game is bastardized, it's primary functionality at least in the west is not to be a prestigious mode in which a real challenge is presented to raiding faithful's. It is interacted with most notably with the explicit intent to discretely transfer exorbitant amounts of botted gold to "hard working" players.

  50. I don't get how shit like this isn't seen as sexist.

  51. Until someone reputable says otherwise i’m going to assume he’s committed, at least for the rest of the season

  52. Kyrie missed games for the very same reasons many of you miss work and he's fighting for his paycheck like any of you would, people will forever die on this hill and I don't understand why. He missed games to spend time with his family. He missed games for religious reasons, he missed games for mental health, he's looking for a max because he has a family to feed etc. Not once did Kyrie quit on the team, he didn't pull a James harden, drop 0 (2?) points against a terrible Sacramento team, fake an injury and force his way out to then suddenly be "healthy" two weeks or so later. Chill. The difference between the decisions Kyrie made regarding his occupation and most of us is, we do not have the leverage or the financial ability nor are in the position to tell our boss if something is more important than work.

  53. > fake an injury and force his way out to then suddenly be "healthy" two weeks or so later

  54. He’s not faking an injury, he said he isn’t playing for the nets. That’s refusing to officer services and for a straight forward reason. Did he not just get us through a month and a half of spectacular basketball?

  55. My main is kinda complicated. While yes technically it is my highest ilvl toon (Glaivier 1550), it is by no means my toon with the highest damage capability. She does the most damage NOW simply because of max weapon level and almost full lv10 gems but would easily be eclipsed both my Surge DB and my igniter sorc with equivalent investment, both who have currently 100 quality weapons, both 1520. I even have a lv 10 surge gem on my DB. But the reason why I decided to put a majority of my resources into my glaive still, continue to fill out her lv 10s and dedicate her as my "main" is because her playstyle in PvE just hits different.

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