1. When is the next event pass going to be? I want the new morde and hextech kass but it’s so hard to get mythic essence , especially when I wanted chromas in the blossom event .

  2. Saying cops are bad isn't a reddit moment it's just true lmao. Cute dog tho!!!

  3. My dad did traffic investigation for 20 years founding out how your loved ones were deceased on busy highways, get a grip

  4. Medical is safer they allow 10x the pesticides and leftover chemicals on the rec side

  5. Nope I’m gonna feel way too much and inevitably have a breakdown lmfao it happens every time that’s why I’m taking it slow

  6. Amphetamine use over time caused me to cut myself and breakdown every time I took it , if you’re susceptible to depression it gets worse over time taking it , cold turkey was best for me , but not might be for you , good luck

  7. I think i need to 3x It. Already took 12g and It felt like ppl describe 3 to 4g.

  8. Have you been taking a lot of psychs recently ? Could be your tolerance, if so wait a few weeks try 9 grams , I couldn’t talk with 9g

  9. What’s a flush ? I’m kinda new just now getting my equipment together lol

  10. Bro why are you spamming this shit no one cares if you have money or not

  11. I went to practice tool the day the patch came out to try the new items and see what they do. I got this message every fucking minute because I was just trying to read item descriptions.

  12. Sameee, my jungle never stood still once that match once I typed out the new warning

  13. I only played league for about 2 weeks, but I found the Yuumi character really cute. Don't get all the hate

  14. She fundamentally breaks many aspects of the games mechanics , I still think it’s a cute name for her :)

  15. I typically use all my bubble for edibles only, so I just use the 220 and 73 sized bags. Could that be my problem? And if so, what size bag should I use if I want to press?

  16. Yea the culture thing is accurate, there’s been so many songs with pop an addy now a days makes me feel weird listening people rap about it

  17. I just remember the scene where dexter opens the cannibals fridge and makes that 🤢 face when he realized what it was , dexter wouldn’t do this

  18. It's like owning a puffco peak pro with extra steps

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