1. I think that i hit the lottery jackpot back in highschool: I was bullied. But there was a guy, i didn't really know him, but one day he stood up for me, he approached my bullies and said "stop this. Leave him alone or i'll deal with you". They were afraid of him and immediately, they stopped.

  2. This just goes to show. Just one person to help or stick up for anyone could go along way. I wish there were more people like your friend. That’s great he was there for you and you for him when he needed you. Glad you got through it ok. People that hurt others are pitiful. I wish the ones that are going through it know they are beautiful and that their are people out here that are on their side. Blessings.

  3. She’s absolutely beautiful. This is horrible to hear she was bullied. There needs to be more done about bullying. Shame on those people that hurt her. So sad a beautiful life gone and she couldn’t get the help she needed. Blessings to you and her family hope you all find peace.

  4. Ain't it a bitch? XD welcome to the club. Through all my intelligent and fun (ahum!) comments my most uovoted one is where I explained how the movie "red" has parallels with menstruation. You win this round!

  5. I was like that with both my pregnancies. Didn’t matter if I did the cracker near the bedside etc always threw up in the morning. Sometimes I would be running to the bathroom because it would come out of no where. Then got told on Reddit I was being dramatic because that user had been pregnant multiple times and morning sickness isn’t that bad 🙄

  6. Yeah just because they have no idea how it feels to pregnant in your body doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I agree with GizzBride everyone is different every pregnancy is different with my son I had not one bit of nausea but with my daughter I definitely did. Don’t worry about downvotes or comments on Reddit it’s just Reddit and we all know how it can be. I know it had to be hard and your were not being dramatic at all it happens. Some get it real bad like you. I’ve seen it with friends.

  7. When did you get cat at what age? We had a cat that was kept in a small room since birth and was very small for its age she grew a little bit more after got her but still so tiny for her age at 7 now. They said could be adapted to surroundings and since was in such a small space stayed small. Idk how true that is but I understand the possibility of it.

  8. He’s disappointing lol. I’m sure she’s disappointed most of her family.

  9. Simps make some women think they are it and all men should worship them and they are a 10 when they are really a low 6. Sad because just seeing a phot doesn’t really show how good a man could look when you actually see how they integrity animals or kids or how they could make you laugh.let’s not get started on the stupid height thing. It’s crazy these days.

  10. This would actually be good and easy if you were making specific shapes and stuff.

  11. I thought it was odd too, looked into the og thread and it looks like the pallet may have been rejected by the customer and the driver became responsible for disposing of it. Not sure though, looks like some companies coordinate disposals but lazy drivers prevail.

  12. Oh ok thank you. I was really feeling like am missing something am I dumb for not knowing. Lol

  13. I had my my son at 24 weeks. So early I had no time to have things ready at home. I would have have loved to have someone help out with getting the house ready. Just keeping clean like laundry etc. maybe help with setting up a space for baby bassinet in her room. I was far too so anything like that would’ve helped a lot. Helping with other kids if she had any. Sending her meals or gift basket with lotion shampoo etc. Things she may need while there a comfy blanket a chair seat since she’ll be sitting alot. That’s so very sweet of you. Blessings hope baby is doing well.

  14. Why did I say the name in like you know like Mak en zaaayy like like how you would like hear an so called air head to like say it like.

  15. I put a bassinet next to our bed. As long as I was close it was fine. They have the ones that the side comes down and attaches to your bed.

  16. I got kidney stones after my first born. It was so painful.I hope it doesn’t happen again. One of the worst pains I’ve ever felt next to giving birth my kids.

  17. Oh wow I wouldn’t even go walking around there might step on a few. Don’t let it over flow.

  18. Poor baby this makes me sad they can’t do anything for him or out him out of his misery in a painless way.

  19. Yeah slavery and exploitation can be convenient for the exploiters but that doesnt close the book on the issue. Yeah I’m okay with more expensive goods

  20. Why was he twitching like that. Honest question does he have like a tik or something or is he just messing around. Idk it looked weird and stupid if on purpose.

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