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  1. I know I'm not OP, but I really needed to hear this, so thank you.

  2. Similarly, if anyone ever tells you you’re “too much”, it’s because they’re not enough. Being a sensitive person with a wide range of feelings is a beautiful thing. We’re gifted with feelings and understanding for so many things others can’t.

  3. Oh my goodness - what your asking is absolutely not what I had in mind above! Yes, of course it’s totally ok to need some quiet/space/time to recharge. And I personally think the way you phrased it, like I’m on empty and need some time to recharge is absolutely perfect phrasing. What you’ve described isn’t a case of “not enough”, it’s that you understand your boundaries for space and emotional energy - such a healthy thing to understand. I have a chronic autoimmune disease that means my batteries hit empty quite often and I’ve had to learn how to respect my need for downtime, I may have to borrow your phrasing if you don’t mind.

  4. I'd like to preface my comments by acknowledging the daughter's behavior is terrible, and the OP's recounting of these circumstances is obviously limited by the word count.

  5. I don’t know, I think the tone and descriptions read as a clear reflection of recent event. Op is rightfully disgusted by the daughter’s behavior, the tone and descriptions seem appropriate for the context. Son was behaving in a kind, thoughtful way while daughter is clearly not learning from previous mistakes and continues to be cruel – to the point she’s including a young child in her cruelty.

  6. If nothings on fire for the morning, I often call it when I’m at the point of having to ask myself how much longer I can go. Of course it depends on my priority list and what’s on my calendar for Monday morning. Make sure your stuff is ready for tomorrow, take a look at the rest of the week and determine what can push, what has hard deadlines. Then map out how long each thing will take (with buffer, in case you feel cruddy). Then get your clothes ready for the morning - it’s a simple thing that (at least for me) is so much easier to manage before bed. Then make yourself some tea sand call it a night.

  7. No ordering required! I'm going to bed as soon as I finish one last little thing, set out my clothes, and reassign the rest of my remaining tasks to tomorrow.

  8. I’ve always been comically clumsy. Now, it’s next level ridiculous. I ate shit it a shopping center parking lot a few weeks ago - knee, then elbow, then whole body face down on the ground. I’m sure is was spectacular to watch, hurt like hell. I start PT next week.

  9. I laughed when I read ur comment. That was me 100%. The er and me were on first name basis growing up. Went in for scrubbing on my elbows and knees. Even face a few times. Er staff said I was tougher than the adults that come in w the same issue. I was so used to it. Now I’m even worse too. Luckily I don’t fall on my face too much anymore.

  10. It’s so good to have similarly ridiculous internet friends.

  11. I’ll raise your 4 months of Arizona summer for 6 or 7 months of soul crushing midwestern winters and possible summer heatwaves.

  12. I say I want the cold weather but I honestly don’t know how people maintain careers during real winters. It feels very inhospitable to productivity and goals in general.

  13. My white privileged instincts said “call the police, have a ball!” But reality quickly reminded me that the police are not a safe solution for many, many people.

  14. As a socially anxious lady who has trouble meeting new people I am here to take notes

  15. Hey team, I’m here to ensure you’re all DMing one to make this happen. I’m an early 40s lady who, sadly, won’t be able to attend your gatherings (I’m in the Scottsdale area but prefer Tucson).

  16. Should I preemptively give myself a concussion to get it out of the way?

  17. That's absolutely nuts. My girlfriend works there and had a student hiding under her desk in her office. She was in one of the classrooms. I'm so glad they caught the guy.

  18. How terrifying, I’m happy to know everyone is safe. Hoping your girlfriend and her colleagues/students are provided with all the emotional and mental health support they need.

  19. everyone' stalking about the ginger but the blonde has the skinniest knees i've ever seen in my life how does she walk

  20. So what I can gather from the picture of the poor ginger.

  21. I’d like to provide her with my physical therapist’s contact information. Her hip situation must be excruciating.

  22. I haven't talked to her since last night but I definitely am breaking up with her.

  23. I love the denim jumpsuit – such a great fit and you’re wearing it so well. But honestly I can’t get over your stunning tattoos – that blue is unreal! 💙

  24. As a close neighbor and former resident of N.Scottsdale, this is so very embarrassing. And sadly, a bit on-brand. Multi-million dollar homes, six-figure trucks, and a number of Very Tough Men™️ who couldn’t find their way out of a dark hallway. What’s worse perhaps, is that we have real ranchers here who I’ve never seen present this way.

  25. It’s already packed…we have more residents and tourists than ever…it’s been very busy this year & I drive out to 106th street from downtown Phoenix daily…avoid peak business and tourist hours if possible & learn less popular routes to your destination…(Shea gets packed w tourists & commuters & seniors are everywhere!🤣)

  26. Does is feel like our winter visitors and impaired drivers are really excelling at crazy this year?

  27. Thanks for your concern! I've got lil ones myself and couldn't imagine putting them thru that either.

  28. “They’re just pages in our stories” is such an eloquent phrase. I may be extra sensitive today but your comment got me. So glad your brother and you are thriving.

  29. If I were to attend the wedding of an ex, it would be because I care for them, and by extension their partner. I’d wear a loose fitting potato sack that aligns with the event’s formality. Ideally, the color would match the ballroom walls so I could just blend right into the background. A potato sack paired with lip gloss, pearls, and low heels - perfection! Maybe a granny bun for my hair.

  30. Women are not responsible for the thoughts and actions of men. This is not a story about a woman’s bikini, this is a story about a man and his son believing their behavior and thoughts are the responsibility of women.

  31. I feel a hint of Alexander Calder in your design aesthetic. So bright and playful, but not at all juvenile. Love it!

  32. Can you get your grandmother scheduled with a rheumatologist and a neurologist? Ideally you can schedule with a neurologist who specializes in dementia and memory loss.

  33. For one, I don’t edit in an app, nor would I ever—it would definitely be a significant and unnecessary amount of work, and people cannot go and edit the photos I took after the fact, that’s an infringement on my contract (and most photographers’ contracts)…we aren’t able to just click and magically make things happen. I wish people understood the actual amount of work that goes into quality wedding photography.

  34. It would be absurd to ask a photographer to do that level of editing. But certainly they can pay for the digital images then work with a designer to edit the braces out of a few photos.

  35. But again, nobody is saying a photographer should simply edit out braces for free. They're saying you could hire a photographer who is prepared to do that, for an appropriate fee, instead of postponing a wedding.

  36. Totally. Again, I agree. I wasn’t implying they should postpone, rather responding to a specific comment with a different perspective.

  37. As long as that person isn't standing her ground against an abusive ex coming to kill her. She gets life.

  38. But he hadn’t actually murdered her yet! Sure, he had a knife/gun/angry fists and made verbal threats – but nothing had happened! Ex was probably just coming to talk it out. A rational woman would know not to take action until after she’s dead – then she’d be certain her safety was at risk.

  39. I’ve never seen a snowman so perfectly round :o

  40. I was just typing this very same thing! He’s so plump and symmetrical, straight out of a cartoon for sure.

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