1. For some reason, I feel lighter, I can't explain it fully. It's like a huge weight we literally lifted off my shoulders.

  2. I would not exactly count it as a relapse, since you explain you did not get to the point of PMO. I have looked at suggestive images for more time than I should have, but no more than 5 seconds. In your case, it was 10. Not a big difference. It will not have any impact on your brain, in my opinion that is. I am on day 48 but trust me, I had to use blocking software because this shit is like cocaine. Keep going strong!

  3. literally installing anything to a hardrive will slow down the system and so installing unnecessary software to make a controller use basic functions shouldn't be needed. the PS5 controller is awful

  4. You must really have a shitty computer if something like DS4Windows slows your PC. You shouldn't even be in this subreddit. Lol. Try to help others instead of bringing your shit.

  5. excuse me? i was stating a fact, whether or not it makes a large difference or not does not change my point. over time, multiple softwares being installed will indeed slow down any system, no matter how good it is. you must have a shitty knowledge base about computers if something like basic hard drive cleaning slows your head. you shouldn't even be in this subreddit.

  6. Lol. If someone recommends the OP a program whose CPU consumption is meaningless, it is retarded to bring out the fact that it will have some sort of minimal effect in the OP's computer performance and most likely the OP is aware of this. You've been getting dislikes for being a jerk from the start and yet you continue to bring your negativity with every post. Lol, get lost dude.

  7. It definitely sucks for physical collectors. I can play any of my n64 or gameboy advance games right now (and still do) and they'll work flawlessly. Modern games are going to be unplayable or obsolete after a decade if something isn't done for game preservation.

  8. We ALL know what is being done for game preservation: emulation. Fuck this companies and their greedy policies.

  9. Is your account a JP account by chance?

  10. A 1 time counter definitely wouldn't be broken. Would be a cool feature, especially if he has a scouter and stacks in base so you can strategically use it.

  11. Maybe a guaranteed super counter but without scouter would be fair. Though I'm open to anything that would allow us to crush the red zone😂

  12. He needs a scouter ASAP if that's his transformation condition, and that have to be a "nullify and counter" also against EVERY Super ATK, because otherwise against Broly, for example, you can't transform him

  13. That makes sense. I can only imagine the hype for such a counter animation and subsequent transformation. But your clarification is exactly how I would want him to work.

  14. Democrats are more likely to watch (and trust) the "news".. abc, cbs, nbc, cnn.. all spit the same message and make you feel, as a viewer, that is the right thing to do.. they have trusted the news all their life and for a lot of it, it was right... and it got to the bottom of issues.. the news isn't that way anymore but its too late for most, they can't come to grips with the fact that the news which was once an honorable cornerstone of our lives is now completely and totally controlled propaganda

  15. It is so weird that they trust these news sources. I mean, if in theory if what the left believes has always been the truth, they should at least get their information from other places because certainly the media has lied a lot.

  16. Now that you need 3 to be fully vaxxed more normies will wake up, theyre shooting themselves in the foot

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