1. Yeah I can find better free assets, not gonna buy anything lmao

  2. This dog was already found.

  3. F ya, thanks for updating! Happy this cute little rascal is safe and sound!!

  4. They sell 500 ml bottles of it at Wholesale Club in Waterloo!

  5. Two is the best! I sincerely don’t think you need foundation, just concealer to correct/conceal the minimal spots and redness you have! I’m envious of your skin, it’s healthy and luminous! I’m a dull bitch so I need some coverage lol

  6. How presumptuous of Cody to presume I’ll ever be ready to purchase a home…

  7. Hi there, I’m pretty good at finding information. If I can be helpful, please do feel free to creep my calendar and find a time that works for both of us. If you don’t know how to make appointments using the outlook system, my auto reply has the instructions.

  8. Omg I had you in my first year! Humans in the natural world was one of my favourite classes! I actually retained quite a bit to this day, which is unlikely for me!

  9. It gives me halloweentown vibes but the version when the life was sucked out of it lmao

  10. Omg that halloweentown reference is the best comparison lol!

  11. Thank you for sharing, I’ve done my fair share of agent orange googling, and am shocked (also disgusted to learn this). Googling the genetic defects that still plague Vietnamese communities as well as soldiers and other military personnel is devastating. No justice has been served

  12. You’re awesome for rescuing him…Shame on previous owners for abandoning him

  13. Remember that education is you paying to fail in a safe environment. Take risks, be bold, try to reinvent the wheel a bit.

  14. Wow that is a super poetic day way to describe the learning process! Love it

  15. Keeping your pooped underwear in the closet is some Jeffrey Dahmer shit

  16. And that says something coming from this guy (refer to username)!

  17. If you’re in it strictly for the money, then no, it’s not a strong choice. Go buy a lottery ticket and be a millionaire.

  18. I'm not looking for money, I don't mind if I make $45,000 or $145,000, but I do want to enjoy my work for $45,000. Do you have any help insight into LA as a career, or would you advise against it?

  19. Be more specific with what your interests, strengths, and weaknesses are! Also keep in mind, the work you do can be completely vary depending on the firm or company you work for. It can be especially creative and conceptual (more of a studio environment). Or more technical, if you work for a large multidisciplinary firm, primarily specializing in engineering. I know some people who love the technical aspect, so they love grading/drainage plans and creating construction documents and cost estimating. Whereas others love the creative/conceptual aspect, meeting directly with clients, creating rough hand sketches, hand models, making renderings. There is a fair amount of computer use - reports (again depending where you work), but lots of autocad or similar programs, illustrator, SketchUp, indesign, rhino, lumion! Also where abouts are you? State or province - because pay will vary there as well! I believe California pays the highest in the US for licensed landscape architects

  20. Kitchener has bucket man.

  21. Was this the man who would often play the bucket drums at the Victoria and Weber intersection?

  22. So you guys are the ones that started the trend of partying in University! Man, that's so edgy

  23. Signed, sealed, hopefully in the near future delivered! Voted for Mike, one of the few honest politicians I know!

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