1. I still crash occasionally on PS5, I think the game will always crash randomly.

  2. There are not enough up votes in the world for this post. Take them all you've earned it.

  3. it really pisses you off huh? maybe you need to take a break from gaming chief.

  4. What perks are broken for you?

  5. They are working fine for me. I use Bear Arms, Ordinance Express and Batteries Included and have no issues.

  6. I don’t think it used to bother me as much as it does now…or it’s gotten worse but it feels like there’s almost no point to browsing the sub just for fun or interest anymore because everybody just makes repeated posts asking the exact same question or complaining of the exact same glitch week after week

  7. wait, you are upset people are complaining about bugs and glitches? seriously? after the shitshow that was the last few hotpatches?

  8. The other details from the creation story are:

  9. hmmm after reading alot of these replies Im convinced both MAGA Republicans and Extreme Insane Christians are equally delusional and should not at any point have any relevance in deciding anything to do with modern society.

  10. no way they seriously used the same gear system as every other bad modern game

  11. and amazingly the game will still sell millions and millions and be beloved by millions of HP fans

  12. Im laughing at the hypocracy of all the sub members who are so committed to calling out how this game is "evil" but 100% dont actually boycott any REALLY evil company like Monsanto, Nestle, etc etc

  13. Allow me to introduce you to my good friend Preston Garvey.

  14. Oh hi, I was just looking for you. Another settlement is under attack, we need your help!

  15. TLDR: It was a fix to a problem 95% of folks didnt like. Removing the mods/effects have made the already "rare" guns rarer as its a 2/3 star effect weapon without a 1 star effect weapon. I.e impossible to get short of having the old guns. (Enjoy the real collecters item) Also why kick up the dirt if you dont even like the game no more and want folks to be mad?

  16. Careful, if anyone hears you tell the truth about bloodied effects being OP compared to everything else, you will get hounded and downvoted.

  17. Two more legacies aren't on that list, but I'm not gonna say which ones lol.

  18. you know the ol' opposable thumbs sure helped simian and those of simian ancestry to develop said technology.

  19. I keep getting the trailer for this, and it keeps feeling someone uncomfy.

  20. Did you write this when you were having a stroke? Do you need the authorities to help you?

  21. How much makeup and prosthetics do the actors have to wear to look special needs?

  22. You sure about that? I get it, that this is the repeated narrative but look at it this way:

  23. Bitcoin is an open, global, decentralized, peer-to-peer and censorship resistent monetary network. And on top of that it has a cap of 21 million tokens. Compare it to gold, but divisible, untraceable, portable, instant. It's genius actually, few understand.

  24. Even a kid wouldnt drop the knife so many times, mishandle the reholstering, and accidentally discharge the gun

  25. Good thing Texas is 100% reliable about reporting all crime statistics! Oh wait, they arent?

  26. Sexual dimorphism is human. People don’t want to be externally defined, and there is a long history of mistreatment of lgbt people.

  27. Ive tried to describe the "spectrum" as you put it but more in terms of bio-chemical makeup and distribution of attributes while developing as a fetus. Its a dice roll! Humans can be placed anywhere on the spectrum line, closer or farther from a pure "male" or pure "female" side.

  28. You'll likely get a lot of politicized answers here so I'll try to just provide the facts, as I've seen them.

  29. WTF? you DID make it a politicized answer right off the bat: "Most are okay with massive amounts of social programs. These are very expensive and cost more than we can afford."

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