1. Oh, I voted yes but I had April in mind 😂

  2. This week trapped in the range it’s been in, low of $26.5k and a high of $29k. Not trading crypto atm, sold last week actually. Bearish for April.

  3. Yes, this could be the bottom. I don’t think it’s “the bottom” but that’s just ny opinion.

  4. Replying to myself for my own records. My forecast has changed.

  5. I want to let you know my bullish bias that I’ve had expires today and tomorrow. My tactical bias is flipping bearish on equities.

  6. In my view you weren’t wrong and probably still aren’t. The RvR is awful on CS in my view for puts. If I was interested in buying puts on financials I’d look at a bank like FRC that could be impacted by the CS fallout or just target the XLF on a swing trade basis.

  7. It takes 12-18 months for rate hikes to work their way through the system. The rate hike cycle started in March 2022. Guess what, it’s March 2023, the next six months are going to be interesting.

  8. Thanks for organizing it and here’s to staying on the right side of the trade 🍻

  9. This was a fun month and competition. If my guess for the full year sequence is right, this year is going to be a doozy. Buckle up!

  10. Yes, a continuation of this BMR will likely be led by TSLA.

  11. Yes, generally speaking. I’m a deflation bear (expecting a recession) and the idea is that the market is shifting away from rate hike and inflation fears and is in a zone where it can trade the “soft landing” nonsense policymakers and sell side analysts keep bs’ing about to lure suckers into buying everything. Since long duration assets dropped because of the rate hikes that means they were very likely to rally in this phase, it started a few months ago. This is occurring, whether it continues and is sustainable is the question.

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