1. Just did a 10 day solo trip, before mainland china opened so the covid situation may be different now.

  2. Thanks for the reply! It seems like the private room thing is still required unfortunately, do you know if it is still okay to be in common areas?

  3. Yes common areas are fine. If you want to hike Jade Mt or other over 3000m peaks you may need to reserve in advance for permits. See the FB/website

  4. Some times for bigger kits with a lot of pull I'll set it softer to save my arms lol

  5. Old Snowy is a pretty common one too--it's right there and you can drop your pack to dash up it. But I agree--there's access to a lot of potential summits along the PCT, but everyone already has a lot on their plates.

  6. Stunning views everyone should do this including the alternate back down to the PCT which is actually much safer.

  7. I'd also like to know! Do you know if the slid would do any better then the mesh? If winds are that high I'd think your be in low-rider mode anyway? Maybe less wind sneaking in but I'm more worried about collapse/failure of the tent.

  8. I suppose the argument is if a bear happened to get into your bags and ate your orderless stuff then that would lead to habituation. That said I think it's quite normal for people on the PCT to not be able to fit all of their food in BV500 for the long sierra carries. It takes a lot of creativity to fit 7days @5,000 cal/day in a bear can. It's not discussed but it's true. So your plan is a better attempt to follow the spirit of the rules that many people use to be fair.

  9. Have you upgraded the tips on your poles yet? They won't last long so I'd plan to do it at least at KMS or pre trail.

  10. are tips a standard size and interchangeable? I assumed they were made of tungsten or something and don't wear out.

  11. So it's actually the entire plastic base all the way to where it changes to carbon. For the Cascade Mountain tech poles, the flex tip black diamonds fit exactly.:

  12. If your looking for skim then most medium sized grocery stores have it. If you're looking for a whole, and you probably should be, then it's harder. Only one I could find was larger cans of Nido at some stores which is fantastic stuff. It's like baby formula for adults. I had to make baggies and ship them ahead sadly.

  13. I bought the 56 serving massive cans from Walmart and hade them delivered to the places where I made my boxes for OR and WA. I probably drank 5kg of the stuff lol

  14. As far as the timezones there's no tips or surviving or anything, you just have to force yourself to do it. You must be able to peacefully sleep at whatever times you have to, and you have to have a quiet zoom-friendly work area at whatever times you have to have that. There's no way around that.

  15. Loads of people work night shift, it sucks for a while but you get use to it short term. It is bad for you long term though.

  16. I plan to arrive in Kennedy Meadows the first week of May; any later than that and I risk running into wildfires.

  17. Yep that's a gamble most years. Unless you're fast you allways have to risk it. I hit fires myself. There is a school of through proposed by Net Tibbits he calls the "secret season." If you start before the thaw begins you can stay on top of the snow and have an easier go at it. And it wouldn't matter how deep it is. He gives that time frame is the month if may basically. That said it's 100% dependent on when the temperature starts to stay above freezing at night on average. I don't know anyone that has done this so I can't recommend it but worth looking into.

  18. Yep, very well aware of Ned's advice. He considers the secret season to be May 1 until just before the thaw in a regular snow year, and that's why I'm going through then.

  19. Anyone can do the PCT. I did it this summer with minimal training and nearly no backpacking experience (like max was 3 nights before). It's also a great experience and you meet such great people. Can't recommend enough! That said you missed the permits for next summer. Still possible to get one if people cancel and also possible to go with local permits.

  20. Nice. I did the John Muir and we were planning on taking an alternate route to hit clouds rest when we started.

  21. JMT is no joke, especially if you're using heavier backpacking gear and coming from sea level. I did the same hike to clouds rest this summer while doing the PCT. I was coming nobo so I just finished all the High Sierra passes including Mount Whitney. I took most things out of my backpack and left them at camp and it still kicked my ass. Really impressed with all the day hikers that do it.

  22. It was only my second through hike, the first being 5 days in Yellowstone, going at a turtle's pace compared to our JMT.

  23. Yep those are on the heavier side but also you end up a lot stronger. I was under 10 lb without food and water, but some of my hiking buddies carried probably double what I did and ended up being faster by the end. You definitely should do the PCT it's amazing. And if you go nobo you'll be able to do the JMT from the other direction which is completely different

  24. I thought this was going to be a 5 sec video hahah, I love the 1SE app but I didn't start using it early enough

  25. Of all the acronyms in the world I guess I’m supposed to know what JMT is 🤷 Congrats regardless.

  26. It's a long distance hiker thing all of the major trails have acronyms. Appalachian Trail = AT etc

  27. I walked from Mexico to Canada this year and this was by far the most beautiful part.

  28. Yes it is very easy to pop out. Happens to me a lot when mine was loose. Replaced it after a few close calls. Also having that 3rd strap (that loops to your hook) is a good 2nd safety but it can also come undone. This is all that saved me but it's not a good idea to rely on it.

  29. I'm not sure I agree with this notion. I not sure we can objectively judge happyness by smiling friendly local people we run into. Some of the happyest looking, smily, friendly people I've met were in Madagascar. They did seem happy but they are also extremely impoverished, health outcomes and upward mobility are poor.

  30. Sometimes your embassy will help you out in situations like that. Certainly with getting you an emergency passport but sometimes they also give you money for a return ticket.

  31. No, but many people do have them. I'd say at least 50%. Another bonus is you can use them to text any US number to get rides from trailheads without cell service. Also you can text trail friends inreach to inreach. If you can get a used one it's worth the $15/month plan for sure.

  32. The government webpage for the country youre going to would be a start. Seriously it’s like a ten second google search. I’ve done it

  33. Nope, only thing that matters is what the airline thinks the rules are. Best source is their website. Good to look at the official rules as conformation but good luck proving them wrong

  34. Need more info. Are you a US citizen? If so I don't think they will care, worse case you may get some questions but they would be very unlikely give you any actual trouble.

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