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  1. I've dealt with this problem before. Get a standard 2x4 lego brick and line it up with the female side. Get two more and attach them to the top and bottom of the female brick so that it is secure. Repeat on the other side with three more 2x4s. This should give you enough grip to pull the two pieces apart.

  2. Certain planets have one of the four tech symbols. When researching technology, you can exhaust a planet with a tech symbol to "skip" a prerequisite of the desired technology. It's a good idea to factor tech skips in your slice (planets between your home and mecatol rex) into your tech path. For example, if you have a yellow skip, and your a blue tech faction, that can be an easy way to get dread 2s without having to research extra techs.

  3. Tried to climb up a drain pipe to sneak back into the house. Snipped and sliced three cuts down my left knee. Blood everywhere. Had to call my parents, who were asleep. Luckily they were more concerned about my health and safety than what I had been doing. I have great parents :)

  4. Card sleeves are like plastic pockets that you can put cards into, kinda like paper into a plastic binder. The plastic protects the cards (mostly) from sticky fingers and wear & tear. Both the base game and pok box have the card sleeve size and number of sleeves you need for all your TI4 needs (I thinks it's like 950+ cards). Happy gaming.

  5. Rumours be damned. If your sister is in a situation that's got out of control or feeling uncomfortable in what's typically a drink and drug fuelled environment, you pick her up.

  6. No idea ,but in general anytime there’s a story going around about people spiking drinks or dosing strangers with high $ value drugs it’s bullshit. No user or dealer is going to waste their gear on a random prank

  7. Try 50 bigmacs that we found half of later near the carpark bin. Talk about wasting money for a YouTube/tiktok video.

  8. So that's what that red bars token is for! I've been looking for some reference to it in the rules and couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks

  9. We do this in bigger games, the whiteboard thing, and it's great! Also we do influence counts on the board.

  10. I hadn't thought of the influence thing, that's a great idea. Having to recount how much influence you have and trying to run the numbers is always so time consuming.

  11. Once we started influence counts, we couldn't go back. Even in a smaller game where we don't bust out the whiteboard, we pass around a notepad with influence counts.

  12. Do you change it every time planets are swapped or taken? Or only just before the agenda phase? The way I was thinking of doing it was having two columns for each player. Start of the agenda phase, write in influence for everyone. Then after the first round, write in everyone's remaining influence in the second column.

  13. No...but quickly learning. Everyone was new to the game too.

  14. I like to grind the sprays. Cute or pixel, I don't mind. I find them challenging enough that they encourage me to play every, and actually learn how to play them. Gives me something at least...

  15. Exactly. Supports die so much more in OW2, and it is much easier to target them. Because of her kit she can actually survive someone diving her like a genji or sombra. I find Kiriko's teleport too hard to consistently use to escape a dive.

  16. It's because there's no longer a peel tank. I used to play Ana or Zen, and I could rely on my peel tank (dva or zarya) to help if I got jumped. Now because they are needed at the front, I die.

  17. Quacks. I absolutely suck at it. I know it's a luck game but I will routinely pull 5 whites out of my first 6 tokens and just lose immediately. But I still love the game.

  18. There's a great story of George Clooney taking a shit in his friends cats letterbox after he told him his cat had constipation. Funniest story ever.

  19. My brother has down syndrome and six flags used to allow a free gold pass with up to 6 people on it if you had a disabled person in your party. You better believe that we took advantage of that all the time. My brother knew what was up, too. It's a win-win all around.

  20. Had a friend with Downes, his dad used to call him the Golden Ticket. Always good times going to theme parks with them because we both really enjoyed the rides.

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