1. I got a layer cake live resin cart from GrowOhio Butterfly Effect and it tasted like burnt hair! It was awful. Idk what these guys are doing to fuck these carts up so bad. I've been lucky with Firelands so far. Their wax and flower is great. I had a live resin Tropicana Banana cart from them and it was the best one I've ever had. The next one was a regular cart of Papayahuasca and it was just ok. The quality of these things varies in a cart to cart basis, it's so inconsistent. If I were you, I would contact Firelands directly and complain about the quality of your product. They'll probably send you an e-gift card for the amount you paid.

  2. I got the layer cake as well and didn’t like it. Tasted chemically to me. Such a heavy indica and I felt so tired after hitting it. I prefer the buckeye relief pods over the butterfly effect. I like the distillate opposed to co2

  3. Almost picked up some of this today. Been really wanting a wedding cake recently but didn’t wanna pay for woodward necessarily and heard bad things about verano

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