1. That video should come with a content warning that Harry Knowles is visible

  2. Frank Silva was a heavy smoker. His prematurely grey hair and being generally thin also gave the impression of him being older than he really was.

  3. Frank was unfortunately a sufferer of AIDS, which may have contributed to his gaunt appearance. He revealed to his friends that he was positive in 1994, a year before his death, but it's possible it was affecting his health before that.

  4. And Timmy was voiced by women (Kath Soucie, Tara Strong, and the late wonderful Mary Kay Bergman). Funny that never bothered him.

  5. Never forget that Butch once made a 'joke' to Tara Strong's face where he genuinely suggested Mary Kay Bergman's suicide was Tara's fault for taking over the Timmy Turner role. Literally to her face. On his podcast.

  6. How many appearances does this particular alien have?

  7. He appears for around six cumulative seconds in Return of The Jedi

  8. Could just be someone else with the same deformity, it's suppose to be a big galaxy.

  9. Both crystal method tracks were awesome in blade.

  10. It's actually a really common misconception that the blood rave song from Blade is by The Crystal Method. The track is actually called Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix) by Pump Panel.

  11. i like it but Adams beard has never been that bushy on the show, also one of Indys hats would have been more accurate then a cowboy hat as Adam wears a more of a (actual) fedora style hat thats a long the lines of what Indiana Jones wears

  12. It's not just along the lines, it is the hat Indy wears. Adam has a full replica Indy costume and the fedora he always wears is from it

  13. The character who would end up as Ree Yees was a rejected design for Ackbar, which was deemed 'too sinister' for a heroic rebel leader

  14. Tennant's outfit, and specifically the combination of a tight suit with Converse shoes, was directly inspired by an outfit Jamie Oliver wore on a 2005 episode of Parkinson, in which he sat next to Billie Piper who was there promoting Series 1. It can be seen

  15. Lol I can see the scruffy suit with white converse similarity for sure! Thanks for providing the link as well. That convo is true (and hilarious) and they ended up making the long coat for him out material that was intended for a sofa!

  16. Similarly, Matt Smith's tweed jacket from Series 5 was actually his own. Early costume tests (which can be found online) made him look 'like a pirate', so he brought in the jacket and that's what they went with

  17. Do you have a link? This the first time I'm hearing any of this about David Bowie, and I'm hoping it's not true.

  18. The accusations come from a famous groupie of musicians in the 70s called Lori Maddox, who also claims to have had underage relationships with Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page. The only person who she can be verified as having known at all, never mind been in a relationship with, is Page, as they were photographed together.

  19. You're welcome. This isn't the first time I've spoken about this on Reddit. People always post some asinine 'gotcha' comment whenever Bowie comes up about how 'akchually he was a pedo yknow' when even the most cursory examination of the 'allegations' would prove that no, he wasn't, because the accusations have been proven to be hoaxes time and time again. People just prefer derailing conversations with the spicy controversy than the actual truth.

  20. He'd say it like he says that Jon Hamm is 'ooooozing with charismeeeeeh'

  21. Probably just an educated guess as to one of the moments we will see. I’m hoping for Steve Rogers meeting Professor X (patrick stewart)

  22. Secret Wars is scheduled for 2026. Assuming no delays, that means it'll likely be filming in 2025. Patrick Stewart is currently 82 years old. I don't want to say anything tasteless and obviously I hope it wouldn't be the case, but I don't see him being in Secret Wars in any major capacity. If we get Charles at all, I will bet on James McAvoy's version.

  23. Nah, Dusk Golem can still go fuck himself. He's been doing the whole "Silent Hill at the next E3! I swear guyzzz!" for years now and was a big proponent during the whole Bluebox Debacle.

  24. Quite literally everything DG has said about SH in pretty much the last 3 years has been true. Sakura and The Short Message info, alongside bona-fide screenshots, as well as breaking the news of the SH2 remake months before the announcement, have all come from DG and been true.

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