1. I just ordered the short long and I asked the live chat attendant these same questions. They said the body measurements are the same. The overall length is 2 inches shorter and sleeve length 1 inch shorter. The tall is probably 2 inches longer and sleeve 1 inch longer.

  2. For clarification I'm talking about the Superpuff Long which is now offered in a short/petite option in limited colors.

  3. She's lying about 18 an hour too. Some roastery staff make that but baristas and shift leads make nothing near that.

  4. Is business booming? I've wondered if some of this outcry isn't so much about small margins but about struggling to compete with newer hipper coffee shops.

  5. You have absolutely nothing to lose by applying for your dream job and everything to gain. The worst that happens is that you don't get it which is the exact same result as if you don't go for it at all. Even if you don't get it the first time, don't give up. So much of opportunity is timing, happenstance and even revising the wording on your resume.

  6. I don't know. The fact you are just now feeling motivated to look for another job makes me wonder if you're just getting cold feet about the new responsibilities. Maybe just taper your applications and interviews so you're not asking for time off twice a week.

  7. I think it would be better if they were on the prom. They don't have the visibility down on Cutter. The promenade is an amazing public park. It's so fun to have an impromptu picnic in the evening overlooking a beautiful view. The food trucks add so much to that urban park culture. I don't understand who is complaining about it but there is no practical reason for anyone to drive along the promenade. It's a scenic route. Why can't the promenade be a fun scene? I'm an original Portlander and Munjoy Hill resident and I'm all for the food trucks!

  8. So why didn't the tenant save the difference in market rent and their discounted rent for so many years?

  9. Are you assuming that the tenants were making 50k + instead of 25k? $850 a month is still more than 30% for some people.

  10. Yeah I just quit mid application for a bs job that wanted three references and phone numbers on an online application. Nope

  11. What does insurance have to do with his son? It's under his insurance or the mother's insurance. If they have private family insurance then I can't imagine the cost difference would be significant enough to delay the divorce and if it was than to what end? Are they going to stay married until child is 18 for insurance? This is why people don't want to date separated people because at the end of the day they are married.

  12. Sorry that some people have lives outside of learning every detail about seafood, hope you can achieve that one day.

  13. Ferry Beach in Scarborough just past Scarborough beach. All the way to the end of the beach you turn a corner and it seems to be an unspoken rule that that's the "adult" area. That's where you'll find people smoking weed and cigs and no one brings their kids all the way down there.

  14. Southern Maine winters are not that bad temperature-wise, they get to around 0˚F at its worst. It's not that bad compared to, say, Nebraska, The problem, however, is that the winter is very long, stretching to 5 months even.

  15. If we could just poof April out of existence than Maine would be more tolerable. I love autumn and late fall. I can handle the January and February tundra. By March things are looking up with longer days and some unexpected warmer temps sprinkled in but April...fucking April is like walking a 10 mile swinging bridge in the cold windy rain. I mean this both literally and metaphorically from a mental health standpoint.

  16. Clearly you know nothing about "low income housing". There isn't nearly enough housing for the people that need it and priority is given to families with children and elderly. You don't just find a buddy and go cut the line. You have no idea what you're even talking about.

  17. There used to be a few Asian owned salons around but I don't know where they went. I would stop into a Korean owned nail salon and ask them for a referral. They'll know.

  18. I have filled a partial Rx before at Walgreens so it's either the MM pharmacy or something glitchy with your Rx.

  19. Back in the day I would but I was tough, had a mouth on me and wasn't afraid to fight a guy if I had to.

  20. Yes, I'm wondering the same thing. I don't think my resume sucks per se but it's just atypical. I could see a few reasons I might be getting passed over but I can't really change anything without lying which is looking like a better idea everyday.

  21. Thanks! Interesting, hadn't even heard of that one, I'll check it out.

  22. I think you have a good idea here. I would also include as part of your marketing strategy, to build relationships with event planning companies, design firms and music venues. There's a lot of temporary and special lighting needs there. Maybe even be a sponsor and donate your services to a couple non profit events. Good way to raise your profile in the Greater Portland area.

  23. Thanks! And I've been thinking about that. I will absolutely be donating my services to some nonprofits- veteran and refugee organizations particularly, though that's my own bias. If you have one that could particularly use it, ir is particularly good, regardless of what they are trying to do I'd love to hear it.

  24. Yeah those are great causes. I guess it makes sense to focus on holiday decor for now since that will be right around the corner and you still need to assemble a team and then looking towards the off season start looking at those other kind of events. It might be good to have an assistant of some sort that can help organize these objectives and strategies.

  25. I thing Portland Food Co-Op might have farm eggs. That or Rosemont bakery.

  26. Toronto Canada! Maybe I should have prefaced with saying “I’m not from Maine!”

  27. No shade. My doorman is my neighbor's sketchy bf who tries to steal my packages.

  28. My coed rec soccer team plays on Wednesdays and will probably need a women next session. I think it starts in two weeks, dm me if interested. Fair warning, we're not very good

  29. Need a woman or women plural? I might know a couple. I used to play sweeper back in high school. What's the age range?

  30. There's all kinds of names for areas that never existed when I was growing up. For instance, not only do we have a "bayside" neighborhood but now we have "east bayside" and "west bayside". The whole area is like 1 mile squared ffs!

  31. Soon will we have the obnoxious abbreviations like SoChiNoHo

  32. I sold my car in November and I bought a very warm and very expensive coat but I walked to the Co op (15 mins) on a 8 degree day and it was ok. It's good to get out and get fresh air. You can always use delivery service though.

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