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  1. If Peyton doesn’t have a card by now I’m guessing they don’t have his rights any more

  2. Mines name is Gible after the Pokémon because his mouth is always open, now his name changes with what he’s doing at the moment: Gomble, Grumble, Gimble, Goober and “YOU LITTLE SHIT”

  3. I think you might be talking about the cheese guy and Kevin’s “in perpetuity” deal

  4. I’ve never heard this but if I had to guess it’d be a pokemon reference. Usually the most basic or low tier pokemon are found on route 1. So if an idea is very route 1 it would mean the idea is basic, starter, or very simple.

  5. It's nothing to do with Pokemon. It's a UK term for simple and straightforward, uncreative but does the job.

  6. You're totally the guy whose wife had a "live-in fitness trainer" aren't you?

  7. Both. Police are such a problem am treat students like garbage and then you know the classic rape traps

  8. i’m intrigued as to how you hate marie more than todd. lol

  9. I’m not sure. When I watched I sort of felt bad for Todd, I kind of got the impression that he was a product of his environment. I saw people say that he’s the most evil character on the show. But it seemed to me that it was a mental problem for Todd. I myself struggle with a lack of empathy so I sort of understand what it’s like. Obviously I’ve never killed a kid or anything near as bad as Todd has done, but often people with sociopathic tendencies struggle with a fine definition between right and wrong. I think I saw little glimpses of him trying to be a good person even though he was a product of the environment and mental state that he was in. If you ever watch BB again, try to look at Todd as a misunderstood kid and less as an evil person.

  10. i understand what you’re saying! thank you for going more in depth. it’s just funny to me because i personally loved marie and seeing so many people hating her made me laugh realizing i like someone who most of the fanbase despises. i get what you mean w Todd, he seems very complicated but when he killed the kid it just really tugged at my heartstrings and i couldn’t find myself feeling too bad for him.

  11. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about liking Marie, I think the nail in the coffin for her was when Walt was supposedly captured and she went in and just started demanding things of skylar even though she had no right to do so. I feel like she was the least involved in the Walt thing but tried to make herself the most involved especially when she tried to take Holly. The only thing that tied her to the situation was being married to hank but she constantly was trying to get people to spill secrets and then spilling secrets herself. Also yes Todd killing the kid was awful, but if you think about him growing up in an environment where he really doesn’t know much better and it’s always kill or be killed, you start to realize that maybe he can’t help alot of the things he does, but he tries to be a good person when he can, like giving Jesse ice cream, or refusing payment until he gets the cook right.

  12. My prerogative on the subject: Call it whatever you want and if someone doesn’t like it then they can ignore it because that’s an amazing human ability. British people probably call Oreos crispy dippy milky shortbread crackie boys or some shit, and while I think it’s weird it’s not all that big of a deal. Call em firemen, firewomen, Smokey fire putter outers, any way you put it, it’s just a word. Once people learn to ignore the things that aren’t directly hurting them instead of trying to force everyone to do the same thing, people will be much happier.

  13. Tiktok. I heavily believe that it’s doing far more harm than good in today’s society

  14. First franchise my friends and I did got destroyed by the glitch where it sent you back to the draft. Second one gets destroyed by this. I’m honestly done

  15. Anthem is my favorite book of all time and it helped me start to question the political ideologies of the place I lived. Other than that I heard she was a generally shit person

  16. He caught it right at the line. That ref is a pervert.

  17. Middle. If they follow with a corner just do an opposite corner and go for an arrow shape in any direction. It assures a win or tie every time

  18. Thought I could escape it by leaving nfl subreddits for the week. How foolish of me😂

  19. Does he have other forms of social media where he acts normal or is he just pretty much unhinged

  20. We know. His classmates know. People around him know. He’s posted so much identifying information that he basically doxxed himself. But we’re just not going to post his name.

  21. Ahh ok that makes sense, I’ve just been scouring the internet for all types of info on this guy.

  22. Can't wait for four more months of stupid fucking posts like this.

  23. Idk bro he’s just trying to share his thoughts and you’re being all negative. Nobody’s gotta know you’re upset just ignore the post if you don’t like it. Just be zen my guy

  24. Dude really? That was a bad like really bad comeback like I got nothing for that lol.

  25. Man of hope? More like man of the town where you have to say exactly what this guy wants you to say or else he calls you annoying because he doesn’t know how to ignore things without telling people he’s upset!

  26. just stawp this is horrible ok you win you win go to bed colts will draft a qb with their first round pick CJ stroud. No more crying

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