1. Dm me if you have questions, take lots of pictures, take it around town and on the highway on the test drive

  2. That spider is so big my first thought is 'oh my god shoot it'

  3. I was thinking more along the lines of “Glock vs 1911” being so similar to “AK vs AR”

  4. As an AK dude the glock checks out.

  5. Fairly even between the semis I'd say, though slight edge to the 20S.

  6. OOooh that's what that is. Neat man!!!!

  7. I like my shadow 2 but man that's a mean piece.

  8. Guys: I KNOW THIS IS A PSL! This is when they were built from kits in Tennessee and stamped as the FPK Dragunov. This is not a Century Imported gun

  9. If it makes you feel better I could have probably bought a couple cars with how much I've spent on y'alls site over the last... uhh... I think it's been 15 years since I got into the building game? Haha.

  10. Stopping drinking on the weekdays is a good move.

  11. Hey Y'all, I just wanted to highlight a few Habanada x Aji Charapita selections in the distribution store: PC004, PC010, and PC011. I made this cross to find something with amazing color and a strong flavor, and hopefully, recover a few selections with the non-pungent trait from Habanada (pun1 mutant). Unfortunately, we didn't select a homozygous pun1 mutant in the F2 but these three selections might still be heterozygous for the recessive non-pungent mutation. If this is the case you'd get the mutation segregating in your F3 population. I'm super excited about all three and encourage you to check them out!

  12. Even better. I'll support! These look beautiful

  13. This is some playground bullshit anyways I really don't give a single fuck

  14. Horsey boy is making some sense here.

  15. Very high quality. Replacing my red dot on my AR as soon as I can

  16. A slime hat or a orange mushroom hat with these earrings would be so fire

  17. Please post a review of the stagg

  18. Haven’t cracked it yet but according to djkrzy1 it’s hot and bitter crap.

  19. Would love to hear your opinion on this allocated shit. It's not worth it to me to beg for it

  20. YouTube shorts is like this for me

  21. That's kind of a personal opinion for me.

  22. What do you think is a better 5.56 platform that isn’t the obvious AR?

  23. The tavor is pretty good. A lot of the German stuff is pretty good as well but I'm not speaking from experience on either.

  24. This guy is walking trash douche, how does he still stay relevant? His music isn’t even that good anymore

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