1. She’s so gorgeous 😍 and my favorite source of style inspiration as a SC.

  2. Gotta be a gold fish. The story doesn't end in the dark Forrest. And lastly, you deserve someone who makes you feel like you got struck by fucking lightning. Don't you dare settle for fine

  3. I reckon you spent enough time surrounded by the morons she was surrounded by, you'd have a resting agitated face

  4. Yeah, to say Ron experienced character assassination in the movies is an understatement lol

  5. I wish they included Hermoine & Ron...as prefects. It was so great.

  6. Pretty good. I didn’t see the trailer so it was great not knowing what to expect.

  7. It’s both. Ultimately he’s never received any validation from his father. In S1 he’s painfully shy and awkward. Ted gives him that validation and he’s all in. Out of his shell, and he’s the best. Once he feels that he’s not getting ALL the validation he believes he deserves he starts resenting the whole staff. It’s why the picture thing is so significant. He assumes Ted threw it away, and is throwing him away with it. Rupert is also now feeding his ego to get him to West Ham.

  8. either way looking forward to this season. It will be interesting to see how the characters arc will either stay the same, or change. I am looking forward to Roy Kent's arc.

  9. Keeley and Roy helped each grow into the next stages of their lives. And they will always support and respect each other even if they aren’t together.

  10. i really hope they won't split long term..or somehow come back together. i think they are really good together. At least their arcs. Looking forward to next season.

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