1. Read this and thought "this idiot said tomato twice!" Then remembered its pronounced Slightly differently

  2. I am going to finish my 12400f/6650xt build this week so I guess I am a also a tard. Fyi tardmaster is not pc lol!!! I was watching that 70s show and they kept bleeping something and I finally figured out it was botard.The world sure has changed I wish it was still the 90s and early 2000s.

  3. No it's because of the gpu stunt Nvidia pulled when it released the 4090. Not is it only more expensive, bigger, more power hungry, and reports of a faulty power cable (see youtube for 4090 cable issues), Nvidias CEO also said during a press release, in average consumer words, that the age of cheap GPUS is over

  4. there is an alp its called L-connect but it isnt working I dont want it to be rainbow forever its actually terrible and tbh is giving a headache but eh is weird

  5. Are you sure you're supposed to use L-connect? Last I checked there are 3 versions of lian li fans, and 2 of them use different Lian-li softwares

  6. Should be well over fine, i think its just incorrect drivers(?) Not sure though

  7. 800 is definitely enough, although I do agree with Treezus that op should RMA the card just I'm case

  8. Probably what I'll have to do :(, I hope they don't charge me for shipping.

  9. Additionally, is your power supply at a high enough wattage to power your system with yhe 3070?

  10. Yeah that’s unavoidable with aerosols. The propellant should evaporate very quickly so it shouldn’t be an issue

  11. Although one common thing I see that people keep doing is holding down on the can: do NOT do that. Please!

  12. It's not the rounding up, it's the missing 6 zeros. There's a million differences between 750 W and 750 MW. Or between 18 and 18M high end gaming machines.

  13. Literally took me a few days to realize that I forgot the difference between a watt and megawatt. Big smooth brain moments by me

  14. Just. Press. Spacebar. No hold. Just Press.

  15. You forget this is the Beta launch on pc: it's going to be buggy and have issues. Full version releases next month on 28th, 99%of bugs should be fixed by then

  16. Yeah I can understand that but my housemates 6 year old PC is running it perfectly on higher graphic settings than my 2 year old PC

  17. Guess its more common than i thought, literally none of my friends have had problems other than a few crashes. Mines is the only one so far that keeps getting random frame balances: day 1 80-90 fps, day 2 was 40 fps or less, day 3 was everywhere from 3 to 85 fps. Literally nothing you or I can do until it's full release

  18. Well, they could even be relatives. 🤔

  19. It's probably the cable. There are several "versions" of HDMI: 1.0 through 1.4, 2.0, and 2.1. Typically the newer the monitor the newer version of hdmi you're gonna need, but it depends on what the monitor manufacturer uses as a requirement. Pull up your monitor online and check what hdmi port is built into it

  20. My only suggestion is to change it to a air cooler or any other cooler to see a difference

  21. The natural ramp just a little south of where you are?

  22. I agree, you can actually see it in the background. Only path I'm using for my rail line

  23. Sure, PS5 and Xbox Series X have absurdly amazing performance... compared to the PS4 and Xbox One. However there are many factors that actually limit how consoles perform: Memory, graphics cpu processing, storage, you see where I'm going? Go look up the graphics processing for PS5 and a 3070 ti in a different tab. Measured against each other, the PS5 has 9.2 TFLOPS of processing and a 3070 ti has 12 TFLOPS, thats a significant difference especially when a gaming GPU is designed for games

  24. Console wars are so stupid, that's why I went with PC which is in the middle of its own divorce counseling session

  25. Unfortunately it's not an original idea. COD did that for Infinite Warfare but we all know how bad that went up

  26. You need to download installation files onto a USB Stick and then install it through BIOS. There are plenty of tutorials out there on YouTube.

  27. what even is this lmao it doesnt have any sockets, headers or capacitors...

  28. My sticks r fine two 8gigs was just hoping to add a extra stick I had sitting around

  29. If you look around you'll notice that motherboards come standard as 2 or 4 slot depending on the brand and model. From what I understand, sticks work best in pairs and using and odd number is usually for troubleshooting purposes

  30. Alrighty I have a 4th floating around somewhere or I can just buy another set

  31. If your case is a mid tower size or larger I'd say b450. Good budget board (I'm currently using) with 4 slots, compatible with your CPU right out the box and still plenty of slots for storage

  32. Depends what your budget is, but I'd say somewhere around 1650/1660 for Nvidia or RX 580/590 for AMD. All are still relatively good cards even though they are a few years old

  33. Luckily you can buy some of Amazon for pretty cheap. I found a pack of 5 for $7 and I've used them in 3 different systems since april. No issues have been made

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