If it still isn't clear to anyone, the fact that two COMPLETELY unrelated companies have the exact same charts is CONFIRMATION that they are MANIPULATED THE SAME WAY, this is WALL STREET, this is the AMERICAN MARKET, THE WORLD IS WATCHING YOU. BUY, HOLD, DRS.

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  1. Det kan de sagtens - der er bare mindre fedt i dejen, så hvis du lige tager og pensler dem med en smule olie hele vejen rundt, så går det fint.

  2. How is this avatar so expressive?

  3. That's a Rexo model, they have really good gestures and expressions.

  4. Yes, they're in a short basket, we've known for over a year.

  5. The confederacy betrayed America and went to war over the right to have slaves.

  6. I think someone got liquidated, and damage control came through. But who knows.

  7. This post is literally 100% misinformation, and the screenshot is from march 2021. The numbers are also off by a factor 100 due to difference in reporting standards. Brazilian puts got debunked last year lol.

  8. This didn't happen yesterday, it's from 2021, it says right there in the screenshot.

  9. I'm sure the deep and immersive story will be added any day now.

  10. Conservatives really be like "the gender identity is stored in the skeleton"

  11. Absolutely not, they're meaningless garbage that make people feel like they're progressing in games without inherently rewarding game design.

  12. It’s been probably a decade since I last played warframe, but I KNEW I recognized Rebecca!

  13. She's the creative director now! Steve moved over to a new project called Soulframe

  14. I ran warframe on my literal 2ghz dual core laptop 2nd gen Core i3 with integrated graphics, my dude.

  15. Nerds and bdsm enthusiasts have a very significant overlap.

  16. Djævlens Lærling, mener jeg serien hedder, kunne måske være god.

  17. Jeg læste den sidste sommer, den er helt sikkert passende!

  18. The yellow line literally almost did it. Just copy them and don't make the mistake they made. Is there something I'm missing?

  19. ive spent 10 minutes trying to come up with a solution to this my brain doesnt want to accept the fact that its not possible

  20. Generally I wouldn't say your PC is fast enough to run most VR games at a comfortable performance. Your CPU is probably ok, but I'd suggest at least a GTX 1070 or RTX 2060 for vr (optimally 1080/2070/3060)

  21. I'd say generally the Index has better audio than most headsets. It's pretty amazing, and I love using it for music listening while in VRChat.

  22. Gutting education, convincing people to take expensive student loans and forcing them into minimum wage slave jobs to avoid bankruptcy will do that pretty quickly...

  23. Why do Gen Z memes have so many layers? Makes me feel old.

  24. Gen Z are more connected than ever - this increases velocity of information and meme evolution, and the changes that could happen to a meme in weeks before can now happen in days.

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