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Got the best picture I’ve ever seen in my life today. Then my in-laws said “He looks like Trump!” :(

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  1. Strongly disagree. In this particular instance, it was absolutely warranted.

  2. The most paid by an individual who were responsible for the 2008 housing crash was 60 million. Something that genuinely effected people. This is a clown show and the people happy about this are the cast.

  3. You wanna go visit the parents of murdered children that got death threats from this demented fucking moron's followers and say that didn't 'genuinely effect people'?

  4. The level of stupidity you are exhibiting here is impressive.

  5. I always just figured you scrape your hole with them 😂

  6. I’m almost 50 and I have no idea wtf these are

  7. Something about pulling ads and considering pulling Twitter for not moderating hate speech.

  8. Shhh!!! Don’t make it think too much, it gets headaches when it thinks.

  9. I’m sure you are unaware of this fact, but the KKK are republican voters. Democrats aren’t perfect, but I’ll be damned if I vote for candidates literal nazis support.

  10. And I thought my Jade was bad lol. This is why we love Huskies. 😂

  11. Don’t tell me what to do! Also don’t judge me!

  12. Abort! Abort! Abort! I kid, it’s just an extremely unfortunate coincidence. In all seriousness, the fetus is already infinitely more intelligent than that creature. Congrats on the baby!

  13. Is there a guide for this? I have no idea how y’all are able to identify so fast lol

  14. Because it still causes damage, just minor compared to an amputation.

  15. Great news. News flash, your phone number is already public information.

  16. Which is unfortunate. For example stalking victims can’t safely have a phone in their name

  17. As a waitress I love this! Yesterday I had a table with 9 guys. They had me running around for this and that for an hour. $185 bill and no tip. But I still had to tip out expo and kitchen based on food total. 🤬

  18. Then your employer should pay you a fair wage. We are the only country that tips.

  19. He’s very often incorrect, but in this case, what he said is 100% correct.

  20. Honestly I never entirely cared about the fly over cam for respawns because it tells me exactly where I am on the map and what’s happening close by. What makes it annoying though imo is the super fast TTK. Dying instantly then having to watch the respawn slowed down a bit can be frustrating. Imo, slow the fucking TTK down.

  21. They’ve ignored this type of feedback since Ghosts. It will stay the same, unfortunately.

  22. I’ll be honest at the risk of being downvoted to hell, I feel they’re too incompetent to adequately listen to and respond to valid feedback such as TTK, mini map and perk system issues. Remember MW2019? They refused to fix anything. They also almost never addressed these, again, valid complaints.

  23. I was a frequent critic of MW2019’s TTK. This feels different, in a good way. It feels about right. If it’s the same, maybe the new gun mechanics (Bullets come from the gun, not your forehead) make it feel better to me? I also feel I have time to try to fight back, unlike MW2019. If anything, just remove that trash hotel map and I’m happy.

  24. You could check eBay. I’d bet there’s a way to buy the American or EU version for a reasonable price with worldwide shipping.

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