1. I've been on Clozapine for several years. Side effects- a bit of fatigue. Mostly annoyed because it requires monthly blood tests

  2. My doctor said I would have to do weekly blood tests. Do you only do monthly because of how long you have been on it?

  3. I here voices almost constantly and very rarely have any visual hallucinations.

  4. It gets better. I’ve been on it since March. I was taking 20mg and that was rough. Now I’m on 10 mg and it still takes me a little bit to get up, but it’s possible. About the weight gain and munchies that seems to never go away just have to have self control(which I have none).

  5. I think it’s because my schizophrenic symptoms are way worse then my mood symptoms so they’re focusing on that

  6. Yea before my mood swings were pretty bad with hallucinations and delusions sprinkled in, now it’s the opposite my psychotic symptoms are so much worse. Hope you get the help you need

  7. The only thing that helped me with this horrible paranoid delusion was medication and telling myself over and over it wasn't real, it wasn't until the medication took hold finally did I start to see that there wasn't any cameras, people watching me, family wasn't in on it to, the narrator's voice started to go away. I mean any other drugs or alcohol had to be stopped completely, not saying your doing that at all. That delusion is one of the worst for me because I hear voices talking to each other about me always unless asleep. But it was so bad I had a hard time even using the bathroom because I thought there was cameras in there to, and not just at my house. I feel for you, I hope you can get through this without freaking out on people like I did.

  8. Yea I’ve been on anti psychotic medication for almost a full year, I’ve tried 4 and am on my 5th right now. None of it seems to help with my delusions. I was supposed to have an appointment this week with my psychiatrist but it got rescheduled( nothing I could do) right now I hear voices confirming what I’m thinking. I think that’s why it’s so hard to shake this delusion. The only way that’s helped is just going to mom her just reassuring me that she not an actor and that she loves me.

  9. That's awesome you've got your mom to support you. Hopefully you have more people in your corner to comfort you. Have you explained what your experiencing to your mom? I on the other hand don't explain anything to anyone, because they don't know what to say to me other than," it's all in your head" " it's not real," of course those comments don't help at all and are aggravating to me.

  10. Yea I would definitely be dead or hospitalized long term if it weren’t for her. Ever since my first psychotic episode last June, she does everything in her power to keep my mind healthy because she said she never wants to see me like again, because I wasn’t me I was almost someone else. She has read a ton of books/articles on schizoaffective disorder since I was diagnosed and how to help someone with it. So she doesn’t tell me that it’s all in my head or that I’m crazy. She does explain to me that what I’m thinking isn’t real and that I need to ground myself again, but she does in a non snobby/mean way. I don’t really know how to explain it. I’m just blessed to have her.

  11. I'm schizoaffective depressive type and I'm on 1500mg of lithium twice a day and some other medications . my mom thinks it made a big difference in my mood. She said my mood changes aren't so drastic anymore. I don't go from really low lows, to high highs anymore. Somewhere in the middle area of that. She did say it take a little time for it to take effect but it has helped me tremendously.

  12. YES!! All my artwork have been during episodes and I can work on it for days but once I'm out of that funk I can barely create anything

  13. I’m trying my hand at writing right now and it’s going fairly well. Maybe one day I can post here(if it’s allowed) as it’s about being schizoaffective.

  14. I think it's because under medication the brain has more to do. Without meds the brain's not concerned with stuff like keeping all of the nonsense symptoms in check and trying to survive.

  15. I was on Latuda along with my regular antipsychotic and Latuda made me paranoid, anxious, I would always barf after taking it with food, and I would get psychotic panic attacks in the grocery store all the time. I would consider taking a different medication. Latuda isn't the best medication to take when dealing with harsh psychosis because I don't think it is strong enough. I think it is more made to treat psychotic mood disorders. I wish you all the best!

  16. I've been meaning to ask my psych about changing it but he intimidates me so much for no reason it's just hard to get my point across with him

  17. If it isn't managing your psychotic symptoms then what is the point? But I don't know how long you have been on it. When I was on Latuda and upped the dose, it only made feel worse. I have also had intimidating doctors too. If you show insight into your mental illness, usually they warm up to you. Saying something is how you can move forward. It is better than saying nothing at all!

  18. Thank you for advice, I've been on it since my last hospital visit so around october, and i feel like it never really helped me manage my symptoms, I kinda just got used to being really paranoid and staying home all day in my room journaling. you've given me the courage to ask for a med change when i go see my psych this upcoming week. do you have any recommendations

  19. How was your experience with the abilify shot?

  20. My experience was terrible I was fighting when they gave it to me(On my parents orders because I was underage) I had real bad nausea for like a week after the shot, and no relief from symptoms.

  21. Maybe geodon. There's a lot of anecdotes here that geodon helps some people more

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