Just got home - 15 year old babysitting his brothers… 😂🤣

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  1. i just did a few minutes ago, and the my post was removed. seems the

  2. They can’t stop it now I’ve seen 1 tweet about this so there’s gonna be a bunch more.

  3. Same exact thing. Tried logging into website (it was down) and tried deleting the app and logging in. Couldn’t log in “code 30” and now Gond on SoundCloud. They’ll probs fix it by tomorrow tho.

  4. I wouldn’t do that. These women are petty. They might scratch your car. Not worth the risk of retribution. Let them have it.

  5. I feel like I would go down the violent path. But I’ve got no kids and probably won’t for a while so idk yet.

  6. Tbh it’s time we got rid of the royal family. Firstly they come from an insane incestuous family tree. They cost way more than their worth and wouldn’t bring nearly as much tourist money if we just got rid of them and opened up the palace for full tours. The royal guard or whatever their called could go to the actual army and do something worthwhile instead of pushing tourists over and shouting MAKE WAY FOR THE QUEENS GUARD. Their funerals alone cost 5million. Their coronation will cost 50 million, probably more Charles ain’t gonna hold back. The royal family are dumb, look and talk funny. From the incest? We’ll never know. And finally after a load more reasons I cba typing it’s literally a medieval construct. Also Charles brags about being related to Dracula and owns a bunch of properties in Transylvania.

  7. My mums just like this, it’s supposed to be tell your kid off and then sorta let it go, don’t keep shouting at them because all that did for me was make me angry and upset. I’ve broken a lot of things in my room because I was so mad and didn’t know what else to do.

  8. Nah, when I was home alone with my brother when he was 15 and I was about 8 he didn’t want anything to do with me and if I needed him he’d tell me to fuck off or just punch me and throw me out of his room so that 15 yo is a good brother. Ps my brothers 22 now and still an arsehole

  9. If he’s a complete cunt evict him fair. But recording it, acting like a cunt and posting it online just means she’s worse than him.

  10. They could leave me in the house instead of dragging me to the pub every Friday and Saturday

  11. Kids lucky enough he even has a phone at 11. I wouldn’t wish Deleting a Minecraft word upon my worst enemy.

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