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  1. Yet Falcons is top 5 to go 3-0 despite winning less in an overall weaker region

  2. Purchaseable is an argument, obtainable though... fuck no.

  3. No one is expecting mindless positivity from him. I think it’s more just the fact that it’s beating a dead horse. We all know Genshin makes terrible decisions that won’t ever change. Why even give it the time of day then?

  4. For the entire season I’d say they’re tied third with FaZe, because FaZe did better at worlds and were top 4 in fall while Moist didn’t make it

  5. no way you just said that faze were better than moist. they couldnt even make a single top 2 in a major. you really dont know how hard it to get to a final.

  6. FaZe didn’t make a final, but they also made every major, it’s a long season and you can’t disregard an entire major which Moist/Queso didn’t make and FaZe came top 4 in

  7. Well unfortunately for you that was a different faze roster and not the same faze. no one rated bds the same bds that won fall. no one rated g2 with dreaz as g2 with atomic no one rated SSG with sypical the same as SSG with daniel. Like 1/3 of the team has changed how can you rate them as the same team. also even if we include old faze results with top 4 in fall. Moist came top 2 and won another one and literally lost 1 series in the quarter finals against furia who were a really strong contender.

  8. Are you still going to be saying this when they beat oxygen tomorrow

  9. Getting rid of Gregan and keeping someone like TBates is ridiculous I'm sorry.

  10. I mean if they live in NA, play in NA, scrim in NA and are getting paid in NA then yeah obviously they are an NA team. Nationality is irrelevant. No one was arguing that Barcelona was a South American team just because their best players were from South America.

  11. True attack on titan, Cyberpunk edge runners, any anime with a bad endingexcept for ranking of kings SOME HOW are all mid.

  12. Here to read all the copium that will soon ensue in the comments:D everything is fine! why is everyone so upset! LMAO no one wants combat mechanics at all :D just play the story OMEGALUL


  14. Classroom of the elite, Lycoris recoil, cyberpunk edgerunners, made in abyss [obviously], Overlord call of the night Summer time rendering[very underated] and aoashi

  15. Ahm because he the last time he was on the limited banner he didnt do good at all.

  16. Banner sales don't determine standard banner status lol Don't just use CN iOS sales to determine a character's popularity because Childe is incredibly popular among JP players. Tighnari is good but I'm glad he's the standard dendro character

  17. never said popularity didnt matter. im also saying that he should be there already if a meta character like tighnari is on there.

  18. It's just that, if they do good, its like insanely good, but if they do bad, it sucks absolute balls. Theres nothing in between... so it's one very good patch, and the next ones will be dry af with dogshit events and stuff🤷‍♂️

  19. Really? i think most of the updates are very consistent. and the ones that peak are always at the end and at the start of each region. Almost all the other version are the same I dont think any them bring something so special, but they arent bad, they dont somehow manage to make game worse at the same time they dont bring anything that good.

  20. The main issue I think is all the filler in between each region that’s somewhat meh

  21. Yeah agree, I wish they would give us more story quests that involves multipile characters like the 2.7 archon quest. as well as the event be part of the story rather than a filler arc that a good chunk of people dont care about.

  22. This has been probably ONE of the best years for anime, so much good stuff came out as well as sequels what are you talking about??

  23. i am taking about How the biggest Anime studio deal with these kinda stuff by giving their production team less and every anime work is done in a tight schedule with no breaks and they have to work their body to the point where it looks like slavery and they to give their best to keep company reputation and make the higher up happy and if they don't do that they get blacklisted carrier over .

  24. That isnt an animation issue that is an industry issue and how anime is viewed from a business perspective, that doesnt change the fact that this year is stacked as hell with good anime,

  25. 'OCE never has showed that they deserve as many spots as SAM'

  26. Well ok fair point they were better 5 million year ago by one spot. If we take it by the worlds performance which alot of you are basing your reasoning for MENA having 1 spot, then we can see SAM 3=OCE 2 so they should have less spots than SAM. I dont even wanna talk about gamers8 nor spring and winter major.

  27. Like everyone else on this thread, we all seem to want more teams added. I just think there is some bias going on in how much people put down OCE. Our teams looked better at the end of the last season than the start of the season. And during that time we beat Endpoint with seikoo, Furia multiple times, BDS, Optic etc. If Pioneers had gotten a non NA/EU team in the last round of the wildcard I think they would have gone through as well, they looked the strongest of all the minor region teams in the wildcard. Our teams just need to improve our performance when qualification/elimination is on the line. And if we were able to compete with EU teams on the regular, we might even have had the chance to develop a team as strong as Falcons. Pretty hard to keep up when you can't play with any other region.

  28. im being fair when I say OCE should have as many spots as MENA if we gonna base it off results, also Pioneers werent the best out of wildcard by far, if anything it was a close battle between secret pioneers and 01 in terms of game diff and their performance against other NA/EU teams.

  29. Someone explain to me on how OCE have more spots than mena despite performing worse than MENA every single LAN.

  30. i dont think so, if it was then OCE should still be lowered to 1 same as MENA because sam did the best at worlds by far.

  31. I don't get the comparison

  32. the NA paycheck+prize pool brings more players to the table than france as a whole country does, although it is just a joke though.

  33. bruh, its just a joke, people on the subreddit joke on how OP france is than every other country.

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