1. Maynard is a very underrated vocalist. Maybe not an absolute stunning voice but the actual art of singing in a rock song, he is second to none.

  2. Yes….but it’s the 70s. Anything up till cable news became a thing gets a pass and accepted.

  3. Honestly, the reason they are recording new music is they need a reason to go tour. They are not a fest band and it’s hard to pair them up with someone else. Or they do an entire album tour like Steely Dan, Yes, and I think Tull did too.

  4. Weak point, they could go on tour forever just with the old Tull material. Instead new material will always be less popular than the classics.

  5. I just don’t think artists think like that unless they play scumbag rock and do fests.

  6. My one of my brothers passed this year I’m 39 and he was 46. This song meeeeeans a lot to me even tho the lyrics don’t relate. I’m moving on with the best I can but the memories and the sadness I can relate

  7. If it’s not sanctioned, I’m kinda done. I will play if a homie asks

  8. i don't understand how people manage to push their floormats up under the pedals like that without noticing. I cannot imaging going through life with that low of an awareness of my surroundings.

  9. A former coworker who works for weathertech as customer support, once showed me hundreds of not thousands of different people who did not know how to install the weather tech trays. Not issues like forgetting to take out the OEM cloth mats but like upside down, sideways, clearly the wrong side. More than a few people tried to put the cargo tray in the drivers well and complain it’s to big.

  10. This is such a big update on the old version. I've never been a Guns fan, but seeing November Rain shine this much hit me nonetheless. Woah Steven, I'm speechless

  11. I’ve soured a lot on GNR in the last decade. Enough so that Axle might be the most talented person in that band….maybe Duff. Slash is ver talented but he is so fucking vanilla.

  12. Cmon man there is 0 chance any MA4 players are throwing 400

  13. Zero is a big number. I would agree with you that it’s very ultra rare that someone is throwing 400 but constantly throws below 850 and closer to 800

  14. I would send every high school I can a premium basket along with and absolute stack of neutral putters.

  15. We have clogged both of our urinals 4 times each since 2020. A fucking urinal.

  16. As a hardcore Led Zep fan, I quite adore them and since I’m 39, seeing them at the Aragon Ballroom was the best concert experience I had.

  17. Kasta. If I had to start from scratch, I would start with Kasta. My local shop has a bunch of it. Much easier than to find the 14 molds I have from discraft.

  18. If you ever want to know why parts people are dicks and want a standard clarification on all parts involved in a quote is because a car can come in needing a front shock and the tech can misdiagnosis for a rear shock. The rear shock can get order. The tech figures out he asked for the wrong part and go tell the S/A that parts ordered the wrong part and he wouldn’t be lying.

  19. I was anti Stupid Dream…..but I finally get it. I still think it’s not as good as the two albums before and after it but it’s in that 2nd tier.

  20. It killed Metallica for me. It killed nearly every pop rock and roll song for me except grunge. I don’t listen to much Zep anymore.

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