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  1. I just checked and I got this too! The melatonin scent though. My third VoxBox this month after a like 6-8 month drought

  2. You should probably check it's root system anyway. You'll know when you repot it if the soil is bone dry or wet.

  3. I just repotted and pruned some particularly crisp leaves! The roots didn't look bad, soil was def dry. Cut off the one super long vine and propagated the leaves in hopes they'll sprout roots and I can add them back to the pot later. 🤞

  4. Consider running it under a warm or hot shower, and letting it sit in a vase, and soak up some water if it doesn't perk up.

  5. Good tips, thanks! I gave it a pretty deep watering so we'll see in a day or two. The vine I cut had reverted to all green leaves so hoping the new growth will be brasil coloring again.

  6. I got this too! Just checked after seeing your post. I got their "Hydromaniac" foundation box which I liked and use as a concealer (not really a full face makeup girl) so excited to get another product from the brand.

  7. Such an impressive amount of growth!! It's beautiful. I'd love an albo someday but they're definitely pricey and I don't have enough space right now with how big monsteras get!

  8. Beautiful!! I want one of these eventually. My current living situation just doesn't have room for many plants but one day I'll get my plant room!

  9. Depends on ur condition. I live in Southern California and I have this planted in my backyard currently in a shady spot. Are the leaves falling prematurely or are they crispy and yellow?

  10. Did you buy this plant in SoCal? I'm in San Diego and would LOVE one (probably kept indoors in a bright window) but never seen at local nurseries and all of the places online to order from are in FL. Just worried it won't hold up in transit if I order one but they're one of my dream plants!

  11. Wow, super fun!!! Mine has finally grown upwards enough (about a foot tall) that I ordered a trellis, I hope it grows like this someday.

  12. Now this is cool. Kinda timeless utopian vibes with a bit of retro The Jetsons idea of "the future" in there. Tomorrowland doesn't need a huge concept change or anything, just a face lift.

  13. I listened for 5 minutes (and my tinnitus was spiking LOUD)... it did quiet it for like 1 minute afterwards but it came back. Super interesting though and always down to try things!

  14. I didn't really find one I liked but a few that came close in color were a Rare Beauty cream bronzer stick and I think a Tarte cream bronzer. Also Sae beauty had a nice cream bronzer but it was too light for me. Look up Jen Phelps Beauty, she def has good bronzer recommendations for the light one!

  15. Thank you! I'll take a look - I may just take my dwindling current one to the shops with me and look at the best matches!

  16. I also just remembered one!! Try Hoola Lite by Benefit, I think it's a suuuper close dupe to the Light Bare Minerals Invisible Bronze. Regular Hoola is actually pretty close to the Light-Medium Bare Minerals too but I think Hoola pulls a little too orange on me. I may try it again though.

  17. Pym’s is a good option! Here are the quick service breakfast locations in DCA and their highlights:

  18. Thanks! Sounds like we'll end up at Pym's though the Schwarma cart sounds interesting too! My friend is obsessed with the corn dogs so maybe we'll try the breakfast one haha

  19. Oooh what are those clear orange (and strawberry?) bottles on the left?? All the flavors I like are red/orange dyed so I can never find a decent prep liquid. This year I did find a clear CVS brand strawberry pedialyte, it tasted exactly like those drinkable strawberry yogurts.

  20. I'm sorry that happened, thank you for sharing - I have been on 6MP nearly my whole life, also spent time in hospitals but have been flare & symptom-free for about 6 years now.

  21. Honeycrisp apple cinnamon yogurt??? Oh I need a review of that

  22. Aw, it'll always have a special place in my heart because it's the first ATL song I heard! On some classmates cringey middle school video edit (like the song playing in the background of a slideshow with pics of their friends). Then fell down a YouTube rabbit hole and heard Damned, Dear Maria, etc.

  23. Oooooh I need some of this, just ran out of my last jar!

  24. Did you enjoy the ride? Personally I was disappointed after riding it. The original plans for the spider man ride at California adventure was for a suspended swinging ride where you swing through the city with spider man. But it ended up being scrapped (assuming it was because web slingers would be way cheaper to build). I wish we had gotten this instead of web slingers, cuz web slingers as a ride is trash

  25. I really didn't mind it! Maybe not my ideal Spider-Man ride but I still enjoy going on it and trying to beat other riders' scores. It's not worth waiting hours in line for but if it's ever quiet I still go on when I visit the parks.

  26. Wow these are great, any other tips/shooting settings to share? I'm thinking about going to an air show this month, I'd need to rent a much longer lens for things like this though.

  27. Can you buy miniatures of these posters anywhere?? Every time I'm in DL or DCA I say how I want a few of those vintage looking posters from the entrances on my wall, but never actually seen them for sale.

  28. Watkins Glen!!! Absolutely love it there, very photogenic especially this spot. Beautiful work

  29. Omg, beautiful!! I just got my first neon pothos cuttings, I can only hope they grow this big

  30. It's crazy that this is allowed. Even just the amount of pics being brought in to "trade" - like, limit it to 1 small book size or something not a large bench full?!

  31. Crazy what plants can do! I had a succulent that was outside, apparently getting TOO much sun and had turned brown. I assumed burnt to a crisp never to be revived, but literally bringing it indoors and giving it a good water it turned green again just like this

  32. I zoomed in. If those drawers had dovetails I probably would have had an irrational fit.

  33. It looks like they do have dovetail joints? Another reason to be mad haha

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