My Daughter Downplays Her Creativity in Terraria

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[Rapoport] A new QB in Carolina: The #Panthers are acquiring former No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield from the #Browns for a 2024 conditional 5th-round draft pick, sources tell me and @TomPelissero. Deal is pending a physical. All parties split the financials to make it happen.

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  1. Thank you for the suggestions! It's good to see someone who is going though the same issues. I will definitely look into magnesium and taurine.

  2. As someone whose been on meds since 13 I love this thread. I'm always looking for indicas to mellow me out. This is all awesome stuff to learn

  3. I'm surprised every cultivator doesn't have a site like klutch explaining the lineage of each strain, its terpenes, and effects.

  4. I got a half of smalls from curaleaf a couple weeks ago and it was not smalls whatsoever. Decent sized nugs. These look more like smalls to me. No complaints here

  5. I forgot to respond earlier sorry yall. This is rise in lakewood, theyve had "sales" on rythym for the last month and I think its because theyre just trying to shove the shit off the shelf. The "deals" are not actual deals as shown here

  6. They go to liberty university, i saw the original video today and the caption she put on it. Liberty is an EXTREMELY religious school, like anal first so you dont ruin your virginity kinda school

  7. I don't have even 1% of the creativity she has. This is awesome!

  8. No master chief? The 7 foot tall war machine?

  9. I’ve never seen hash rosin have this color, only more of an pale/yellow/amber hue to it. Can any rosin heads here weigh in?

  10. I have a tough time even believing this is hash rosin, i press flower myself at home and this looks just like that. It may not be bad, but hash rosin like you said is typically much lighter.

  11. Firelands live rosin always smacks me, enjoy!

  12. This is exactly what will fuel the average NFL fans hatred towards Cleveland for years to come. 99% of us hate this situation and had nothing to do with it, then a few clowns come along like this and make us all look bad.

  13. The nfl doesnt give a shit and this is coming from a browns fan. This is all optics, they could not give a fuck less about the women. If they did, the owners would be held accountable for their past transgressions as well.

  14. Who could've seen this coming? It's almost like it was so fucking obvious this entire time that this was going to blow up in our face

  15. If Goodell actually believes this statement then he should boot him from the league completely. Anything less is a slap in the face

  16. If he was on the seahawks you literally would not say this but okay

  17. I got the banana papaya today and they are NOT "smalls" at all, decently sized nugs.

  18. If you pluck them too early youll have no bud and basically and no thc. Just chill and let them grow. You have time to go on those plants.

  19. You have all of the branches and stem bunched up into one wire, that's not going to help. Take the main stem only and tie it down to the side, this allows the branches to move in separate outwards directions opening up more bud sites.

  20. Probably just continue to support a rapist, I'd imagine.

  21. Lmao this is comical coming from a raiders fan

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