1. There's a cap that goes over top. You can use a small torch or an induction heater to evenly heat the outside. It's designed to emit two "click" noises once its at the perfect heat for vaping.

  2. Definitely a great strain and Galenas is growing great flower. I will keep buying. EPBC is good, love the peanut taste and uplifting effects.

  3. I actually had a bit of this left this morning and im vaping it now. What a beautiful taste, its really nice

  4. No its from frigidaire actually, just comes in red

  5. It definitely doesn't work like a normal fridge, more just keeps stuff "cool". Its built for a few sodas, works great to keep my stuff nice and ready without sitting out in this heat.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions all. I went with the nord x. Seems to be more of what im looking for plus it has variable voltage.

  7. I donโ€™t have a recommendation for carts but as far as the refillable devices go a lot of people on this sub are going to the Nord 4. It has a 4.5ml pod. One thing I do know is you need 1.2 ohm quartz rpm coils to handle the disty.

  8. During the xbox showcase today. They announced that today we'll be getting the Pelican from Halo in game.

  9. I think its more uplifting on the sativa side but not overwhelming at all, I'd say it's a nice hybrid

  10. My dispo just got them on the menu recently and I saw they had a crumble wax and that badder for 76$ for 1.68 which is amazing imo so may have to pick some up (:

  11. Hell yeah! I just took some of that cured badder out my peak pro and dear lord its tasty. Couldn't recommend it more. I've gone through many of their MAC1 jars myself, always quality. This is my second rocket fuel badder and the first was this good.

  12. Banana MAC Cake = three seperate strains in one squish (18% yield, 1.2g). MAC1 x Alien Banana Candy x Biscotti Cake

  13. I love seeing the rosin "badder" type consistency that comes out of some bud fresh off the press. Got alot of that out of my last home grown forbidden runtz run

  14. I hate the name bro lmaooo. Always makes me think of a different kinda nut ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€ sorry Iโ€™ll leave ahha

  15. Nah bro its definitely weird ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ they come up with the craziest strain names

  16. Very gassy, strong indica. You can tell they actually cured this flower, gives a strong smack of skunk when you open the bag. $28 on sale.

  17. For real, distillate is like the natty light (no hate) of extracts. Does the job great but definitely not worth the $60 per .8 they charge here...not even close.

  18. 25 days here, feeling great! Keep on keepin on!

  19. Yeah I got high but would have gotten much higher if they cured it properly

  20. People downvoted you and they're morons because you're 100% right. A better cure = better terpene content = better high.

  21. Tastes so good and hits like a train in my opinion, enjoy

  22. Doesnโ€™t โ€žretardโ€œ appear at around 20ft?

  23. Im guessing their baro was off and indicating a much lower altitude

  24. Unrealistic, no puke on the dash from the pilot

  25. Holy shit does that really happen or did I woosh myself

  26. Yep, it will forever be the reason I finally learned how to fly airliners properly, it got me to try simbrief, navigraph and VATSIM.

  27. $156 for 2.53 of live rosin jam, can't beat that

  28. You know it's crazy I haven't tried this flower yet. Def been through luster pods of tcc. I was deciding on which to grab next to feed to my Nugsmasher. This or Ny flo ... both have nice deals on 14g bags.

  29. Ive had both halves of NY flo and tcc now. NY flo for me was much dryer and I had to rehydrate to press any. The batch of tcc I got yesterday is very moist and seems good to press. Ill probably press an eighth soon.

  30. It would be amazing, but knowing ohio they'll cost $80-$90 a pod and just not be worth it for the price.

  31. Theyโ€™ll cost $80-$90 anywhere lol. Rosin is expensive everywhere not just Ohio.

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