Gov. Newsom Signs Bill Allowing Victims of Gun Violence to Sue Gun Manufacturers

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  1. I mean, nuclear war. And the fact that my parents don't give me easter baskets anymore because I'm 37.

  2. I was tripping nutsack on mushrooms and my friends escorted me to the gas station to get get cigarettes. I stayed in the car, and while I was in the car a cop pulled into a nearby pump. I made direct eye contact with the police officer smiling as wide as I could happy as could be. The cop kept the eye contact the whole way he was walking inside. He never actually came to talk to me, but he knew. He had to have known.

  3. Haha yeah for sure they get amplified. I've come to just love the feeling. Don't fight it and it gets wacky lol I can make them just happen on command now without urine but obviously that's the best 😉

  4. Its such a weird feeling man but oh god I got chicken on the grill right now and it smells fucking great

  5. Can I come over and help you polish some of those off? I got the booze.

  6. What, the Walking Dead and the 10,000 spin off series aren't enough for you?

  7. World War Z was a pretty fresh and interesting take about humanity overcoming the challenges of a zombie apocalypse. It's nice to see a zombie story where humanity triumphed, albeit at great cost. Oh and Cuba had the world's largest economy in the book thanks to being virtually untouched by the zombies.

  8. The World War Z movie is absolutely nothing like the novel. The movie is just a zombie action flick telling the story of Brad Pitt. The novel is a series of interviews and recollections of how various people in different places dealt with the zombie uprising. The only thing the movie and novel has in common is that there are zombies basically.

  9. I remember going to see this movie when I was younger. Me and my dad had both read the book and loved it, and made a pact to go see the movie in theaters. Needless to say we were both extremely angry with the way they handled the movie. On the way home from seeing the movie we were cut off by some guy trying to turn into us, who then swerved in and out of traffic just to turn into a market not 200 feet down the road. My dad followed him in and cut him off by driving in front of him in the parking lot, got out of the car with his 32oz movie theater pepsi, and while the guy was yelling at my dad he chucked the full cup of pepsi through the guy's open window. It was hilarious.

  10. Remember to stay hydrated and eat something when you can. Keep good people around you and remember your limitations. Enjoy yourself man stay safe!

  11. I had a roast beef sandwich and I'm drinking water as we speak :) Thank you!

  12. I'd say Tame Impala. I fell in love with Kevin Parker at first in my phase of doing LSD and mushrooms on a regular basis and the psychedelic nature of Lonerism was perfect. I don't know what happened but he seemed to move away from psychedelia and his sound just isn't the same. I can reminisce, but I've got plenty of artists that fill that void now.

  13. I'd rather not see firearms become obscure or made extremely hard to get/illegal. Yes, there's a lot of violence caused by them, but there are much much more horrifying ways to die/become injured. I would prefer to be shot and killed rather than getting stabbed multiple times, or becoming the victim of an acid attack. Just because you take away the tool doesnt mean people will magically become less violent.

  14. I'm a Democrat and a gun owner. I'd like to not get fucked.

  15. One more thing, I really hate to ask this and I'm sorry but do you take the lithium for schizophrenia or something of that nature? Because if so, psychedelics are something you want to stay far away from. They do not pair well with illnesses of that nature.

  16. Oh no I've done LSD many times before when I didn't take lithium, but I was taking it for depression. Nothing psychotically bound haha

  17. Oh ok haha, good. I didn't even know it could be used for depression. Just wanted to make sure, didn't want you having any psychotic episodes lmao

  18. Nah I've had panic attacks before on LSD, but I was just afraid of a seizure. I think I'll be alright. I just felt a little sick from the cocaine use and was wondering if it was okay

  19. I wish that was possible but it's like.. is that not just avoiding responsibility and accountability at that point? like the Nazis after WW2 "assimilating" back into society?

  20. I personally have nothing to do with what happened in the past nor will I cause any sort of trouble. I don't have to be responsible or accountable for the actions of people I never met and would likely dislike.

  21. The same could be said with Homophobia. I don't know of a single person that is actually afraid of anyone LBTQ. Hateful? Sure. Misunderstanding? Absolutely! But not actively fearful.

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