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  1. Then they get the gift card and nothing else (teacher here)

  2. Well I'm sure the last thing she's gonna do when the Xanax kicks in is panic. As long as it's clean Xanax and not cut with fent she'll be fine. Probably get super relaxed and eventually fall asleep. Just make sure she doesn't drink alcohol

  3. Nah sadly we're both almost 17, still living with our parents

  4. Thats not sad, except u have drug problems so young, but living with your parents at seventeen is presumably healthy and normal fyi

  5. I’ll post up when i find out, thanks for responding. I have a friend that got stuff seized before, he said i would know if this was that, they say come get it, and this ain’t that. It is all legal as far as i could see before i purchased or i would’ve gone a dnm route but didn’t see the point.

  6. a reply to a 6 month old comment?! this is amazing, tell me your tale PostTraditionalist. what lead you down this path? why did you do this?

  7. Ya fuck this stock lol burned again thanks obama thanks trump thanks reddit fuck you stock market of 22 all I’m probably shadow banned by now please downvote to gell and prove me wrong

  8. Probably not, and that isn’t half as likely as them killing thousands with massive residential energy overhaul vis a vis electrification.

  9. This is commercial. 40-65k/yr with 65k being your NYC/Boston/etc. Then after the first year move to 10-15% fee split

  10. If you adjust sale prices, you need to adjust rents. Rents change over time, too.

  11. Wait there are markets with abundant data that actually need appraisals? That’s where it’s like going to not be a necessary human job anymore soon fyi it happened to the abstract title searchers ten years ago, buckle up URAR gang its gonna be a steep hill

  12. I hope your appraisals are written better than this comment

  13. I was thinking of this whole reply along the lines of ‘society can create as many things called gender as it wants but whatever’ and then I saw this and thought, nah, this person’s nailed it!

  14. Fucked up as it might be, feeling like marriage between a man and woman with the intention of making babies like the old times is something too, i dont know pf another word but it’s a different thing. It just is. Sorry if I’m wired weird, it’s culture but I’ve been like this since i was about five. Chasing pretty girls. I love my wife, but I also wanted to put my babies in her in a special way. Marriage doesn’t quite describe that anymore, it’s something even more special, like a sacrament from God.

  15. I suspect that any autoimmune issue stems from a ratio of parasite/bacteria/fungi/virus combination that is throwing your homeostasis out of whack. This website is by MIT engineers who succumbed to parasites/fungi/etc...

  16. I didn’t know whether it’s appropriate to say it here, but everyone get tested for Lyme, that disease was crippling when it hit and it was just like MS symptoms but it’s different for everyone, totally wowed checking for any autoimmune disease. I’m not familiar with this one having found this sub linked and wondered about the unusual name, and I’m ravioli sorry you’re suffering. No one believed lyme was making me sick until i demanded the test, i had the tick bite but no marking bc we picked it off inappropriately, so that’s my story about that

  17. I study in STEM field at university, and microdosing actually makes it difficult to grasp high level complex concepts. This makes it super difficult to learn in this area. Other than this, it is good for learning.

  18. Agreed, math heavy days off if you can, creativity and math don’t usually mix well for me

  19. We know no back story, could be saving this girls life for all we know. I think the publisher is gaslighting all of us that this is abuse. It’s hair. I wasn’t allowed to shave dirty words in mine and that’s because i was a minor. Her mom can do what she wants to her kids hair off she’s trying to help. Fuck all the noise on here about abuse, sounds like a lit of people without kids are top comments, typical af

  20. My main question, why would you stream this

  21. Last time i saw a headline like this, it was chinese scientists researching antarctic ice cores and finding novel viruses, athenCovid was popping off within a year. Time to start loading up on tech stocks and shorting the gathering ones me thinks…

  22. Q4 is traditionally slow? What is traditionally busy?

  23. Haters of him are idiots, I look forward to his eventual discussion of this with J Stew

  24. I'd love to live in a new York where dispos had to carry say 80% local owned local grown flower. If I wanted Michigan weed I would hit up a friend in Michigan and let ups do the work.

  25. Agreed. That's what NY legalization is attempting to do...weed out MSOs and not allow them to take over our market

  26. Yeah it’s actually been increasingly helpful to existing market participants, though many of them clamor for movement in the codes it’s been a sneaky benefit buying them time. Many won’t be able to transition, and is a wonder what will become of those people, what will they turn to for income?

  27. The theory I've heard is that they're pulling from Russian/Soviet stores and they're buying to replenish their stockpile, not to supply the front.

  28. Gotta have something to defend the too brass when the guys that haven’t been mobilized realize they are being sent to the front with rusty weapons and try to revolt. Wait, no, going to be too late for that soon. Poor kids, poor stupid kids, they never had a chance.

  29. I had one in high school circe late ninties, it was sold at spencers in the mall. It was a decorative desk ornament consisting of half dome plastic rubber composite pieces on the ends of wires that are attached to a base that is a large half dome. There are five large and five small mushroom caps (it was marketed as part of the “eat me” fad) two of each color. I have been searching for a replacement for mine for over a decade and have no idea but hope to find it someday at a garage sale like my green desk lamp. Go go law of attraction!

  30. Thank you for shedding some more light on it! I hope you manage to attract one.

  31. No it was sold at spencers in the late ninties as a mushroom desk ornamentas part of the “eat me” psychedelics and black lights fad. I had one but lost it long ago and have been searching for a replacement for over a decade

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