1. Neither side wants to recognize this. Sometimes Democrats are right sometimes Republicans are right, and sometimes (most times) both are wrong. If you watch outside prime time, you get more real straight news. Between 5-7pm they are competing with local news.

  2. Uh huh. The other networks can be problematic but not one of them lies as blatantly or is as directly responsible for harmful and destructive misinformation as Fox. The "both sides are problematic" line is just nonsense at this point.

  3. You can't reconcile with a cheater. They'd be tainted to never be trusted again.

  4. This is a stupid take. You absolutely can reconcile after someone cheats. It's just one of those things you have to work past. I swear this sub is full of 12 year olds.

  5. If you pursue this,you will be a douchebag and you will probably never shake the title of total douchebag. Stop it. You know better than to date coworkers,you know better than to cheat on your girlfriend and you know better than dating girls a decade younger than you. Choose not to be a disgusting douche.

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Men are pure evil. Get a lawyer and maybe rethink whether he's worth all the trouble.

  7. Please,please leave this man. What he is doing is abuse. He absolutely will get you pregnant and ruin your life if you stay with him. Run,girl,run!

  8. I personally think she dumped him. He just says at the end that they aren't dating anymore. If he had dumped her I think he would have said that. I think he definitely framed it like he dumped her but this guy is clearly 🐔 💩

  9. She found out how much time he spends thinking about dick and she set him free to pursue his dick dreams.

  10. My drunk ass boyfriend said he had sex with over 200 girls. He said he was a real slut back in college, made me stop and think……

  11. It's not more hygienic at all. If it were, we wouldn't grow it. The hair pulls sweat away from the skin where bacterial infections can set up pretty quickly.

  12. Yep. Same with pubic hair. We really shouldn't be shaving or waxing anything if we want healthy skin. Dumb people just gonna keep doing dumb stuff though.

  13. Your fingers look like those little weenies that come in a can. Delicious.

  14. Sounds like he may be a narcissist

  15. Or have ADD. A lot of the issues people with ADD have affect relationships as well.

  16. My ex was like this and I was MISERABLE for years. I kicked his ass out and my kids and I have been significantly happier since I did. You won't change him but you don't have to deal with his shit either.

  17. Raspberries have the same texture as a nutsack. Made this realization the other night. “Why does this feel so familiar.” pets raspberry “oh!!”

  18. Maybe it's been too long since I handled a nutsack but that doesn't sound right. I guess I have a quest for the week. How many nutsack do y'all think I should handle to get a good sample size?

  19. Oh God. That whole process is a crime against food. Do you have a lot of stomach problems? If so I think I may know what at least part of the issue is.

  20. So you've been hassling her about gaining a little bit of weight and now you're mad because she chose an unhealthy way to get rid of the weight you've been nagging her about? You're an awful person . I hope she sees that soon.gross

  21. I hope some of these stories are fake because they get worse and worse.

  22. I hear ya but this sort of shit has been happening for ages. You should hear some of the stuff my elderly clients tell me without blinking and eye. People are freaking awful unfortunately.

  23. does the baby continue to be affected by the gestational diabetes once it’s born? Like does the baby continue to grow at a rapid rate then?

  24. No but unfortunately sometimes the mom can be kicked into being diabetic permanently. Worked with a lady that happened to and she had to tell me all about it,in excruciating detail through both of my pregnancies

  25. Me too I love the way he layers his songs . It's addictive.

  26. That is mainly because of the food we get at stores, over consumption of basically everything, the comfort of public transportation/privately owned cars en masse, not needing to do physically demanding jobs due to automatization, and also a shit tone of depression and other mental illnesses. That would affect anyone. I'm glad that on my country (european country) we have plenty of fresh produce, and the urban area is thought for pedestrians, not cars. We also have plenty of rural areas. Even if I grew up in the city as a child, and continue to live here, there is plenty of walking space. All these things matter. In Japan, there are as many healthy options as there is junkfood, healthy food is priced reasonably, it's easily accessible, and there are options that don't require extensive cooking. That's another reason why people there are usually thin. In other countries though, actually healthy, tasty food is pretty hard to come by or Hella expensive.

  27. Don't forget that in the US the vast majority of us are working 60 hour weeks just to get by. Doesn't leave much time or money to spend at the gym or even go for walks. We're constantly exhausted.

  28. You are aware that Achilles was Greek,right? Not a white dude and being from a Mediterranean nation could arguably have been black.

  29. My first question is , DOES she actually know? My second question is what is wrong with "using people for attention". Do you get mad at your guy friends for not fucking you as well?

  30. Plenty of people want exactly that. If you're positive it's over with your ex, take that step, get divorced and make a little time for yourself to meet new people. There are tons of single moms out there who love hanging on the couch watching anime. Your odds are good if you get out of your own way.

  31. How do u not realize that the dick is ur brothers???

  32. I am happy to say I have no idea what my brother's dick looks like.

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