1. the state is never going to mail you a card. u should get an email from the state ( look in spam...will say PMP AWARE. ) you MUST pay the state registry fee of $50. so when you renew remember its always 2 fees..the dr AND the state

  2. Is there a list of Firelands sales? It's a little bit of a hike for me, but I've been dying to go check them out. Want to maximize the trip.

  3. go on fri sat or sunday. fri and sun its patient appreciation spend $200 $300 or $400 u get 20-25 or 30% off sat is 25% off firelands products

  4. Do they donate some proceeds charity? Otherwise it’s just another insincere money grab by a company that couldn’t give a shit about the actual cause

  5. I like the older site better for searching but thanks for the heads up. Noticed most the prices went up on most everything between $3-$6 once the change happened too

  6. Does anyone know if vitamin e is used in lusters?

  7. not in any of mine. looks like its illegal to put vitamin e acetate in vaping products in ohio

  8. Just added to my cart for tomorrow cant wait to try it? Also where did you get the firelands tray??? I need that I like firelands and all that but the logo is cool.

  9. HIPPA. your MEDICAL prescription for Marijuna is just as protected as any other prescription from your Dr. Medical information is protected info.

  10. Suggestions on some flower for me to grab at Firelands tomorrow for their patient appreciation? Was really hoping to grab Animal Face after hearing about it for almost a year and it not coming out, but I’d gladly give Firelands my money during their 30% off weekends instead of scratching the WW itch.

  11. Firelands Scientific is the best dispensary ive ever been to. the entire staff are so nice and helpful all the time. will tell u about sale days to help your wallet too.

  12. my fav dispensary!! the ENTIRE staff from the front desk to sales and security..awesome people!!

  13. ever try to keep plants alive? i have a hell of a time personally. try that in a HUGE amount.... thats why things take so long n why u no longer see certain strains..too hard to grow

  14. I normally do enough research on here to know what is good and what to avoid. Sometimes if I’m on the fence about 2 strains I’ll ask if they have a preference. I normally go to Firelands Dispensary and all of the bud tenders there are knowledgeable and friendly.

  15. same here. The staff at Firelands Dispensary are awesome, always get good service there

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