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  1. Edmund casually scrolls through the subreddit. His eyes happen upon a post by

  2. Wipe with their fingers and risk touching a man's butthole?! Are you insane?

  3. That's right! They should do what every alpha-chad who exaggerates their masculinity and projects his insecurities by bashing sexual minorities does and stick their fingers into another man's butthole.

  4. I guess they forgot about the serious negative effects video game addiction can have, and how easily it is to become addicted.

  5. I prefer to see it as normal people being addicted to the real world. It's pathetic how they can't pick themselves by their bootstraps and commit to things that really matter, such as grinding 18 hours a day to conquer the Zone and get that sweet exoskeleton armor.

  6. Happens painfully often in "scientific" articles, where a single data point gets turned into an overblown conclusion.

  7. Keep your hostage negotiator job then. I think hostage negotiators are overrated anyway because you could save the hostages by shooting at red barrels that are placed next to the bad guys.

  8. Mikäpä olisi tehokkaampi tapa opettaa että väkivalta ei ole ratkaisu kuin väkivallan käyttäminen ratkaisuna.

  9. The truth???? The truth is that people can try and pretend otherwise all they like, but Qatar is built on slavery. That's the truth.

  10. What I meant was, how is your comment pertinent when OP agrees with you?

  11. I guess this wouldn't be as wholesome if they didn't cut out what he said to the paparazzi before this interaction: "You're not a jew, right?"

  12. It would also raise your heart rate, which could be reckless in a marathon.

  13. Indeed. This exercise thing seems to be really bad for your health. I'll just stick to weed from now on.

  14. Editointi toimii huonosti. Tein sen virheen että oletin linkkisi vastauksen olevan Aalto-yliopiston professorin kirjoittama, mutta jälkikäteen ajateltuna mikään ei anna syytä tälle oletukselle, vaikka samannimisen henkilön löysinkin Aallon kirjoilta. Täällä spekulointia ja arviointia Susanna Viljasen Quora-postauksista:

  15. Arvot voi omata ilman metafyysistä ulottuvuuttakin. Korruptiota voi pitää pahana asiana esimerkiksi demokratian perinteisiinkin nojaten. En näe miten metafyysisen ulottuvuuden omaava maailmankuva on jotenkin kriittisemmässä asemassa kuin maailmankuva joka ei omaa metafyysistä ulottuvuutta.

  16. My heart was about to drop but instead it filled with warmth and pride.

  17. Kävin toissapäivänä itsekkin Teboililla tankkaamassa. Halusin vain ilmoittaa tästä asiasta kaikille, että joku voi moraaliposeerata asiasta minulle.

  18. Ja tähän ääneen lisätäkseni, jotta Enbuske jossain lehdessä pitkässä artikkelissa kertoi mielenterveysongelmistaan (bipolaarinen), jonka vuoksi hän maanisessa vaiheessa kirjoitteli someen ihan holtittomia juttuja (vapaasti "lainaten"). Ja taisi tosiaan sanoa, jotta lääkkeillä on vaiva kurissa.

  19. Ok so why don't we cook in toilet bowls then?

  20. I know I'm very late and my problem wasn't exactly what was described by OP, but this is the second link that came up when I googled my stuttering in BOI so I'll leave my solution here. The problem I had was just basic stuttering even in empty rooms even though I have a decent PC.

  21. People are naming items that can be used to duplicate or grab the sausage but it still seems like teasing to me since the mod hints that you can get it without those items.

  22. The Celtic Cross isn't a primarily fascist symbol. It's frequently used for regular church purposes, especially in Celtic areas like Ireland or Wales. It's the symbol of several football associations and the primary symbol of the Anglican church in Wales.

  23. I think "primarily" needs to be emphazised here. Fascists tend to know that being openly fascist isn't a good look so they appropriate symbols that seem innocent. If they get called out, they hide behind the alternative use of the symbol and mock people for being "paranoid". A good example is, I shit you not, Pepe the Frog.

  24. We studied this in my psychology class in college. Men who go through some kind of crisis tend to come out of it with a beard.

  25. That's interesting. I wonder if there's an opposite phenomenon where you shave after dealing with a crisis if you already had a beard when entering one? I'm asking because I tend to shave my head after I get over a personal crisis. It's like a symbol of rebirth for me.

  26. Exactly. This is why I always start a conversation with a pretty woman by saying "What's up, uggo? I almost vomited when I saw your face." That way they think they're ugly even when they aren't. Somehow this hasn't worked yet but the logic is sound.

  27. Couple of things. First, implying that GMO's are unethical or dangerous and complaining about world hunger in the same video is pretty hypocritical since GMO's could be used to effectively combat hunger.

  28. No, but we play a role. We’ve made connivence trump ethical and smart spending. Why use plug-in remotes for gaming devices when we can just keep buying batteries mined by kids in Congo and Chile.

  29. There's nothing I disagree with here. I didn't claim that personal responsibility isn't a part of the equation even though I focused on matters that an individual has very little power over and that have to be fought politically.

  30. "Elon Musk praises the Chinese in return, saying their boots taste much better than those of the Russians."

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