1. Go through the other comments I have answered it but I will say again, Schweitenkirchen.

  2. You will be going to Germany from a foreign country to work at McDonald's for 3 months? Is this part of of your studies? Are you enrolled at the international McDonald's University?

  3. No hahaha, it is not unusual for students that wanna make some money while they do not have exams to travel to America, Germany or other countries and well work!

  4. I think the funniest thing about this is Jules has enough money for a personal gym but just chooses to get swole in a warehouse

  5. Wdym? He can just have a shit load of weights and barbells and gym machines and equipment in the warehouse and then it is a basically a personal gym.

  6. My point was he’s a millionaire. He can literally just buy a gym with amenities and shit like AC and running water with cabinets for supplements but he chooses to just use a sorta rundown warehouse.

  7. I guess he can do that you are correct, but he does seem more badass in a rundown warehouse throwing gigantic weights around, am i right?

  8. Inside does not matter, in my headcanon this is just a spin-off manga from the actual manga Kengan Ashura. It had too good of an ending for it to continue, I do not care about the plot holes man, just bring back the big tournament where there are interesting characters.

  9. Cacko chovekojadecot, cacko za negotinci, toa so cajkanot kaj sho i vika na edna NE JADI GOVNA

  10. Bro is standing like that one guy from Naruto

  11. The 150th post of comparing OPM vs Baki characters, and it is never actually a zero diff for OPM characters..

  12. jas se sisam tamu, i na lice mesto imam videno vakva frizura pravea, zatoa ti kazuvam. ali sepak odi prasaj si

  13. Hm epa eden den kje se proshetam niz nekolku mesta sho mi bea preporachani. Mislam deka vo Popeye kje otidam deka najprofesionalni se (ne sum siguren za nishto samo od sho imam videno i slushnato)

  14. Popeye e top isto si raboti profesionalno. Cim imas izbor teraj

  15. Ok togash, fala sepak za predlogot i infoto, mozhebi i vamu kje otidam samo kako safebet go rachunam popeye (ako imash drugo iskustvo slobodno kazhi)

  16. Wow there is no way, you are telling me they get kids on gears that are deemed prodigies?

  17. People get on gear for no reason at all other than to look good, of course they do it to gain a competitive advantage even at very young ages. I’ve seen kids under 18 hop on at the gym and gain 20 lbs and 10 years on their face in 3 months for no other reason than to get big

  18. Not really in sync with what we are talking about, the gym and a competitive sport are not the same thing.

  19. Weirdly his upper body says not natty but his lower body says natty

  20. Not so weird, from what I have seen the major point where you see a guy being juiced is his enormous legs. But still you can never tell unless you do the Liver King special

  21. Trans activists, or any LGBTQ+ activists for that matter.

  22. Who shot McDuff in the arm for it to explode like that?

  23. So she has like a timer bomb spell? She hit him and it took to effect a little bit later?

  24. Why don't you like when religion is taken as a joke? Do you not like to laugh? Do you feel that it is attacking you personally? Can you not laugh at yourself?

  25. Can you chill brother? It is what I think, chill the fuck out.

  26. I'm asking about why you think what you think. I'm calm, I haven't attacked you or anything. But if those thoughts and questions are too intense for you, of they are making you uncomfortable, I understand.

  27. What do you even gain from this bro im not here for a debate im here to ask about this game

  28. do you wipe your ass with your hand from behind or the front?

  29. Has anyone found a fix for the starvation error?

  30. not sure about the word count but per chapter when reading on my phone can reach 11-13 pages. The story is long anyways so it doesn't really matter hahhaa. I've been reading this novel for 1 week now and I still haven't finish (and I didn't start from the beginning, so imagine that). It will take years to finish the manhwa, so yeah if you're impatient like me, just read the novel

  31. I did read the webtoon in two days haha. Also did you find the webnovel as enjoyable as the webtoon?

  32. yeah, definitely. I haven't read anything aside from this since the last few days, its the only thing on my mind.

  33. Nice, thanks a lot for the help!

  34. The webnovel is finished, yes. How long, 552 chapters. How similar is it? I just started reading the novel where the webtoon left off because I could not wait for 1 chapter a week.

  35. And another question since you have me the chapter count, what is the ratio for chapters? Is it 1:1 or is it 2:1, meaning how many chapters of the webtoon encompass how many chapters of the webnovel, for example in manga and anime it is usually 2-3 chapters of the manga is in 1 anime episode.

  36. Is this Baki if he was created by a woke American leftist?

  37. You can I would say, but look at yourself man do not look at a millionaire football player that is most likely using PEDs.

  38. Doppo is arguably the best father in the series.

  39. Bro this kid id 14 what are you on about.

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