1. Maybe offer to give him some eggs since he’s feeding the chickens. Otherwise see if he wants to help build you a fence or just move the feeder.

  2. I think we went to Lowe’s or Home Depot and then they have their own installers. Not sure if this is cheaper/better.

  3. Probably hasn’t been safe since the flood of ‘37.

  4. We’ve used them several times. Prices are great!

  5. Definitely. We’ve used them three different times.

  6. Yeah, I’m starting to feel real daft about my butterfly effect burning up my oil 27.5 percent faster for 3 years…. Comes out to a lot of waste

  7. I heard of some clogging issues with lower wattage?

  8. As of the last 48 hours of pretty consistent draws, I can’t see any problems, maybe the folks who hit those large ass vape clouds are having problems? All I know is that I coughed pretty uncontrollably with three second pulls on the 8.5 as well as sucking oil into the mouthpiece, and now I’m not…

  9. My mortgage is half of this. Granted we got in at 3% interest rate.

  10. https://www.greatparks.org/parks/winton-woods/parkys-farm

  11. Do you have a specific design or wood type in mind?

  12. Is dynamite something I should look into? Does it stop vibrations or rattling something like that?

  13. Cut a piece of dynamat and stick it to the back of your license plate.

  14. Being an installer, JL Audio was and is always my preference. I’ve been installing and tuning amps and subs for years and nothing really holds a candle to JLs overall output and quality. But quality also comes from the signal source and wiring as well. My personal set up Kenwood 9906s radio JL Audio C5 Components In the front JL Audio C2 coaxial In the rears JL RD 900/5 amplifier x2 JL Audio 10w6 in custom made box Stinger wire through car Stinger 0g and RCAs and speaker wire to radio and doors JL Audio 12g speaker wiring going to each sub from amp. Quality down the middle. JL Audio all day

  15. I miss my old precision power amps (I had the old art series, and then the gray speed bump 50x6 amp) and my 12” JL audio sub, I think it was a 12W4.

  16. I don’t even like going there when they have electricity.

  17. Gender and sexuality shouldn’t be talked about till puberty? That’s gonna fuck a kid up way more than getting made fun of for wearing a dress. Jesus fuck.

  18. How so? Confusing, reinforcing, and practically influencing your 5 year old son by telling them it’s perfectly normal to wear a dress to school when there are obvious social norms and dress codes in schools, jobs, versus waiting until they reach puberty and their hormones develop before letting them “decide” at age 5 they want to dress like a girl? If the kids wants to get tattooed and facial piercing at age 5, are you ok with that?

  19. Our generation is trying to challenge the dogma of "dress codes" and other such rubbish. We certainly don't want to make our kids fodder in the fight but forcing someone not to wear clothing they want because some people freak out about non-standard clothing is a quick way to lose their trust. Certainly you can make the choice to explain bigotry to them but buy the dress anyways for them to wear at home but what you are suggesting is literally transphobia.

  20. What do you do if your 5 year old says he/she/they/it wants to get facial piercings, cut off a leg and decides they want to identify as a chicken amputee, and needs a new iPhone, just go along with it because you don’t want to tell little snowflake no? Christ. I don’t understand why people are afraid to tell their kids “No” and set some guidance for life and actually be a parent instead of a cheerleader.

  21. Holy crap thats scary! Pretty cool though.

  22. Put a hoodie on the kid backwards and put the puke bucket/plastic bag in the hood.

  23. I think I’m jealous. I have 2010 Impreza sedan, exact color, and I have the same wheels as picture 3, lol.

  24. I felt like I had to. It felt selfish not to share with others who would appreciate it.

  25. His got a nice set up. Nothing electronic looks like, everything by hand.

  26. I wish I had taken a picture of the outside. He had no electricity in there, the only light besides his fire was sunlight that came in through the front door.

  27. Pregnant sex was fuuuuuuuuunnnnn. Your feelings are legit too, though. Mamas hormones are all over the place, and sexy times can help bring on labor.

  28. Hit it while you still can. Pregnant sex was great, no worries about getting pregnant the deed is already done, no fears, no pressure, just good old loving with the Mrs.

  29. I’m almost 45, I have no idea what half this shit means anymore. I see a man who loves his daughter. Good job dad!

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