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  1. Yes, considering a retake since I haven't received any IIs this cycle either. I'm thinking about focusing 95% of my time on practice problems (all of the AAMC material plus URethra) and a lil Anki on the side. Last time I took it I didn't finish all the questions from either source and I think it would really push me to the next level.

  2. Also radio silence. Non-trad, 510, 3.72 sGPAC, scribe for several years, all usual volunteer/shadowing experience. Mix of MD and DO; unsure what I could improve beyond the MCAT.

  3. Damn, are you me? I have almost exactly the same stats and I'm also a non trad. I've had only radio silence except one R 🥹

  4. What about your app do you think set you apart? I, too, also boast having one R. I think it was my ✨ 1st quartile Casper score ✨

  5. Look at the threads across several application cycles for max neuroticism!

  6. I'm mid-30s a non trad and took some of the prereqs a bit closer to the MCAT, but I still had to teach myself whole subjects (biochem, physics, psych especially). What worked for me was to get a set of MCAT books to have as a good reference (I used Kaplan). I read through all of them, then tried to focus my time on practice. I spent most of my time doing UEarth then transitioned to only AAMC materials. I spent a ton of time reviewing my answers and using the Kaplan books and/or YouTube for content gaps. I also used Anki (MileDown's deck) to reinforce content knowledge.

  7. That's interesting you say the course will help with procrastination because it did the opposite for me (made me lazy because someone else was driving the train). Anyway, I think you can get the course and Urethra done in that timeframe.

  8. Took this course and it made me lazy and scored a 502 on my first test. Self studied for the retake and got a 510.

  9. Do you think this is necessary to complete all of the prerequisites before doing practice-based prep? I guess what I'm really asking is how much content you knew before starting your prep or if you taught yourself most of it.

  10. Ok this is only half a screen, and I feel like I have to keep saying I am not a parent because I feel like I'm being super judgmental.. but maybe

  11. I couldn't care less about Daemon and Laena, it seemed like a pointless relationship. Unfortunately this is cause of having only 10 episodes

  12. Congratulations! I'm curious how your apps changed from year to year. Why do you think you were successful this time and not before?

  13. I was thinking about this today as I may need to do the same. Spots always open up closer to testing dates (at least where I'm at in a mountain state) so I am not too worried about scheduling yet.

  14. To be transparent, my coffin is already pre-ordered

  15. I got one foot in the grave, and the other was recently dug out of a pit of secondaries. Not sure which is scarier.

  16. This is genuinely the funniest thing I've seen all ween. 😂😂😂

  17. Just sit back and enjoy the popcorn 🍿 it’s been a doozie thus far!

  18. I hope so! The wait is eating me up inside, especially as a reapplicant 🥹

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