1. It’s because her career is over (as far as Disney goes) (she even took her nose ring off, too late and made worse with that tattoo. Not gonna be a Disney “princess” with a big tattoo like that)

  2. I’m surprised far more people haven’t left twitter. It’s an absolute cesspool

  3. You “LOL” quite a lot. Pretty sure that’s a condition.

  4. You are amusing, with how far you've tried to shield yourself from admitting trump was shit. Why wouldn't I laugh? Do you refuse to laugh when you go watch comics?

  5. I disagree there, it was an adaption, the screenplay actually made alot of smart decisions that wouldn’t have worked outside of the comic

  6. It would have worked easily. And been better. You lack vision.

  7. How can you say they'd be adapting shocking things if you don't know what those shocking things are? That's just a guess on your part, or wishful thinking if you prefer. Plus, may I say that you seem way more interested in the upcoming movie than the flashpoint comics? I mean, you said you read and watched the various leaks, and nothing in the movie will surprise you now, yet have never read the 10+ years old comics that are so full of shocking and amazing details you so much want to see on the big screen. Sounds kind of odd

  8. I just said what shocking things would be. Seeing something in live action would be shocking. Pay attention.

  9. So you would be shocked, and by shocked I mean surprised because that is the meaning of the word, about stuff like martha being joker and thomas being batman, knowing full well in advance about that? You would be surprised to see the atlanteans and the amazons fighting knowing about it already from the clip you have watched? I'm asking because being surprised by stuff you already know may be an early symptom of alzheimer's, and at this point I'm more worried about you than I am about making my point

  10. Obviously it would be a surprise to see it. Just like LOTR fans were surprised by the adaptation aspects. If you don’t understand that I’m worried about you and you have something wrong mentally.

  11. Not gonna lie, this picture makes James Gunn look like a chad. I will give credit where credit is deserved. He looks very sane here compared to his other controversial pictures, you know which ones.

  12. James Gunn is like a Mystery Men character combined with a 90s MTV host

  13. S- Film Gob is back just when we needed him most. His take on The Flush.

  14. Ah, I knew Frida Kahlo had actually discovered time travel.

  15. Well almost the opposite because he wanted Earth to be like Krypton.

  16. yes he wanted earth to be like krypton, even to the exclusion of the super powers, because he is a religious zealot, and that is what lead to his downfall. his zealotry was so intense that once everyone had died into the phantom zone and he had no people, he was either going to get killed or kill the only other kryptonian.

  17. I’d call him like a brainwashed science experiment who couldn’t think rationally. Not religious. Him making his own side weaker makes it like he’s programmed and not logical. Following a program like a bot

  18. This sort of made me think it's too bad Marty and Doc didn't get to interact more with their other selves in BTTF2. Barry interacting with Barry is very entertaining. The overall approach to how alternate timelines work here didn't really impress me as much as in BTTF, Terminator or Endgame though. I think they were stuck trying to be more original and do their own thing, but maybe the best ideas were already taken.

  19. https://www.reddit.com/r/SnyderCut/comments/141wiq7/my_full_the_flash_review_cleverly_gets_us_up_to/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

  20. What’s there for them to cope about? They were just asking for clarification.

  21. You are right, they don't randomly form. Why did the doctor decide that it was a blood clot caused by the COVID vaccine and not any reason? Or did you think a cerebral thrombosis only became a thing once COVID vaccines were made. And that is considering that even 2 days later, the only person that has confirmed that he A.) had a stroke on set, B.) was left paralyzed and blind from what I am assuming they are insinuating is TTS, and C.) the TTS is caused by the COVID vaccine where doctor's would not have the ability to diagnose it. All of this coming from someone's credibility is known for aiding a pedophile and being a gossip comulmnist. I typically litmus test people to decide if the person I am talking to are too r**arted to engage with which seems to be the case. This is pretty basic reading I'd expect at least a high schooler could engage with. If you want to talk more, you could read

  22. Because the director observed it while taking his X-rays. Your link only proved my point.

  23. Since pregnancy and birth are very serious medical conditions with high risks of complications, long term health effects, and death you could also argue even abortions of convience serve to medically protect the mother.

  24. You can argue pro infanticide with that argument, if she can’t pay the bills. It actually went exactly the way of the facts and you proved it is not rare at all. But you’ve revealed yourself by admitting convenience supports the life of the mother.

  25. The difference is the ability to exist as its own being; you can't force a father to donate blood to save their child. You can't force a dead mother to donate her organs if she didn't agree to it. So of course mothers shouldn't be forced to undergo a incredibly dangerous pregnancy and birth to save a child if we don't require it in any other situation.

  26. You can force a father to pay child support. Of which his body had to go to work to pay for.

  27. I wouldn't call that Man of Steel fight brutal. But BvS has a lot of brutal

  28. lol, what are they panicking from? They still haven't finalized the cut yet, WB is not panicking over anything.

  29. They are panicking from the 70 mill projections Flash was dropped to. They don’t want to get Henry Cavill fans angrier and and realizing they underestimated them. They are panicking by all accounts.

  30. I would love to see Bruce reprise his role as Ash, but he seems to have made it clear that he won't be returning to live action as Ash. It would probably be in animated form and then they would pass on the torch to some other actor who is younger.

  31. He literally just said he would return as live action ash. Read lol

  32. S- Maddow finally asked about Russia gate live. The first time she's ever had a question about it.

  33. Is that what she says? What does it mean? Should I be saying it too?

  34. I dont hate the guy but when you hype the fuck out of a movie and then it sucks thats kinda what happens these days. Plus the cameo was wasted in that movie.

  35. The action was. But it wasnt enough to save it. If you tell me your bacon cheeseburger is gonna blow the cheeseburger game out the water and the only thing in the burger that was good was bacon and everything else was ass youre still gonna be disappointed lol.

  36. How dare you thumbs me down yet admit you agree with me.

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