Fourth of July volunteers comforting pets at a shelter

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  1. How do guys feel about the criticism of 'The Dark Knight' being an endorsement for mass surveillance on citizens to counter terrorism? If you need a refresher, towards the end of the film, Batman gains access to every phone in Gotham to spy on its citizens just to find the Joker. Lucius Fox learns about this and acknowledges that it is wrong yet he still operates it for Batman anyway. And in the end, he manages to stop the Joker because of it.

  2. What is a movie not based on literary material that would work much better as a novel?

  3. I think it mostly comes down to laziness. You have to keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of people are just casual viewers for films. For most of them, they're just entertainment meant to pass the time. Having people read subtitles to understand the dialogue means that people now have to put in effort to comprehend what they're watching instead of being a passive observer. Parasite was just lightning in a bottle and I wouldn't be surprised if most westerners watched Squid Game with the English dub.

  4. Wasn’t The Departed based off Internal affairs? Those who have seen both, which is better?

  5. Prefer The Departed simply because of how silly the montages are in IA.

  6. Really don't understand how people can get at mad this. It's literally just the same movie as the original with superficial changes and more forgettable.

  7. Steven Spielberg is a good filmmaker. But he can't really do anything besides blockbusters and oscar bait.

  8. He's not near my favorite director but this can only be applied to his films in the 2010's. He's literally one of the most versatile directors ever. Aside from biopics, He's done a musical, adventure films in both live action and animation, and horror. I think relegating his entire career to just doing blockbusters is incredibly broad and reductive since blockbusters aren't all the same.

  9. But how could you not sympathize with the characters in Incendies or Prisoners? And the bleak and coldness is part of the point for the films you just listed. Both Sicario and BR 2049 are tackling dark subject matter. It would feel weird if they were entirely optimistic.

  10. I still need to see RRR, it seems like it will blow my mind from what I've seen.

  11. It was my first experience watching an Indian blockbuster and I wish I saw it in a theater. It's definitely a spectacle.

  12. Odd one out here but I agree with the rating. Although the added comments are unnecessary.

  13. this being one of my favorite movies, it definitely isn’t for everyone thats for sure

  14. It's weird because I absolutely loved Michael Mann's other film Collateral. I just wish I could enjoy this one like everyone else.

  15. My brother got me into the show and also had the comics. I started reading them around the time season 5 came out and was thoroughly enjoying it more than the show. I never finished either though because my brother only had the comics up to a certain part (introduction of the whisperers) but I gave up watching the show during season 7. I remember the show being an unbelievable drag and repetitive. One of the things I appreciated the most about the comic is how it didn't hold back on some of the more darker issues compared to the show.

  16. If it makes you feel better, a lot of the replys and quote tweets are dunking the post.

  17. He's one of th best actors of all time

  18. I'm hateful because I made a joke about stereotypical redditors choosing doggos over friends and family? Lol ok.

  19. Not everyone cares about seeing and hearing fireworks with people you've been with thousand times. If anything, volunteering for something like this is a more thoughtful gesture for the things that dread this holiday.

  20. Marvel fans prove their immaturity because every time you point out their dogshit movies they repeat ad nauseam the same argument, usually along the lines of “You just hate popular things!” or my favourite “God, sorry some movies are actually FUN”

  21. The "you hate fun" response has gotta be the most childish thing anyone can unironically say when defending mcu movies.

  22. No, I never asked you to narrow it down. You did that yourself.

  23. My apologies. I'm in the middle of a couple different conversations right now. You're right.

  24. Understandable. And tbh I came off as unnecessarily aggressive in my last reply so apologies on my part aswell. I think I made my case so I'm just gonna leave it at that.

  25. This is possibly the most interesting and unique direction they could go for in a sequel. Far more interesting and risky than just doing a safe and standard cash grab sequel like any other studio would've done. I'm very interested in seeing how this plays out. My only concern is that Todd Phillips isn't a musical director so who knows how well it can be done.

  26. I just downloaded the free PS5 update for Resident Evil 2. I have the PS4 disc but my home screen now has both the PS4 and PS5 versions showing up side by side. Can I delete the PS4 application and still get access to the PS5 one? Or do I have to keep it installed in order to play the PS5 version?

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