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  1. But…if you woke up from a coma you wouldn’t be on life support anymore now would you…😉

  2. Technically he can be concious and on life support.... Because people are on life support without going into coma.. example respiratory support COVID...

  3. Wife:- judge I want a divorce. Judge:- why? Wife:- He is basic as shit. Judge:- any proof Wife:- *presents this photo Judge:- Divorce granted. Next.

  4. Looks like a chimera... Hair of a mom in 40s Face of a baby Fashion sense of a dad in his 50s And the forehead enough to pair 2 cars...

  5. Ok at least they refused it, and if they accepted they should also accept all male for men. Either both cases or neither.

  6. Soon they will fold... They are the same people who changed the word women in material for pregnancy from women to person.

  7. Prenups can be voided .. better to go with trusts which cannot be touched.

  8. The western media fueled by geopolitics tries to paint India as unsafe for women. Woke activism keep asking for stiffer penalties leading to such caes. But this is not discouraging bad actors to commit less crimes as they don't care of consequences. But such laws are misused to take advantage of people who won't fight back. I stiff penalty and jail time should be mandated for such people who misuse law.

  9. Love his show... And in every video he does seem to chance the minds of some lost ones...

  10. How have countries that have long required all their citizens to enlist faired?

  11. I am confused as we don't have a mandatory draft in our country. Plus it's US foreign policy thats needs them to send troops everywhere.

  12. From what I understand, both Isreal and SK require 1-2 years military service from all its citizens - men and women.

  13. In south korea women are not part of draft. While in Israel its men and women both. Though the time to serve is 30 months for men and 24 months for women.

  14. Right to self defense is a conditional right. Condition being you are not a man. It's like men are created to be cannon fooder.

  15. Where are the feminist and woke liberals now?? How is it not discrimination?

  16. The facts have no source, seems like blatant misandry that is acceptable and now even demanded by society.

  17. Late ... In india we have separate tax concession for women in property, additional interest in deposit and also concessions for loans.....

  18. A polite reminder and warning to all men on here from India who might be reading this: for the love of everything that's holy, never ever get married if you have even an ounce of self-respect, self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence still left within you.

  19. India has 1.1% divorce rate and I myself am married for 5 years. You need to be very mature, aware and perceptive of things to navigate these things. But the best thing that helps you is that minor disputes are resolved and mediated by family and friends so they don't lead to big issues. I think the fact the problem is so bad even after a good support mechanism from family is astounding.

  20. Arrange marriage is still quite ok but love marriages are making it harder while people nowadays don't like indian arrange marriages because it takes their freedom and stuff but as things are nowadays arrange marriage is probably the next best thing to not marrying.

  21. I had an arranged marriage, it not like no freedom. It like professional tinder, you pick and choose but seriously and no backs. So better outcomes. Plus if you don't know each other the fighting starts a bit later and you know a bit more committed to it by then and try to comprise a bit. Remember people are generally not bad and want to be happy. Common goal.

  22. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. Everyone catering to her and handling her with a soft touch is just NO. They're only perpetuating the idea that she's the victim and he's some sort of perpetrator. Like she yelled, "HES THE PROBLEM." No boo boo, YOU are the problem. And the only problem.

  23. Isn't it sexist if women don't like men getting them grocery and food. Does it mean women subconsciously think other women are better at house work stuff??

  24. The title should be all men deserve to be poor, destitute and homeless... It's like they tried so hard to include every one except men.

  25. If you keep them your issues to yourself then we are labelled are not communicating. But if we tell them then they, use your psychological issue from childhood, abuse, trauma, vulnerabilities you have to win petty arguments. And this is so common that it's accepted a general part of relationship. Not having it is a rarely one in a thousand like rare stuff but that's is what's eats you up every day. I wonder why the divorce rate is not higher...

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