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  1. Hi! Firstly, thanks for helping out. The community appreciates it :)

  2. Thanks for the advice - wasn't sure what would happen if I remove after i send an invite - thinking about how gifts disappear if you remove a friend before they open a gift. However it shouldn't be a problem if I remove once the raid has started.

  3. Yeah it’s fine. I delete even if I haven’t seen them join. Everyone is relying on others to join so boss is beaten and passes aren’t wasted. I feel like I add and invite and then the rest is on them, you know. I provide opportunities.

  4. Only have 3 requests left. Not sure another lobby will happen.

  5. Lol my (Caleyredd) game froze so I couldn’t join the raid

  6. I do have another about to hatch so feel free to re-add. Might need to wait a while for lobby numbers tho

  7. Shouldn't have switched apps. Please invite again if possible

  8. Damn! Sorry. I also don’t really have time to switch apps so missed this. Raid is over. Next time (if there is one) just re-add me

  9. Please Invite me again i didnt got the Pokémon

  10. Sorry you can’t repeat a raid once you beat the boss so I can’t resend you.

  11. Circle lock technique aka Locking target trick. It’s a game changer once you get the practice in

  12. Ohhh thank you for the response! I'll give it a try. How many secs left do u normally leave so its still good to start another?

  13. Not sure if you have experience of inviting 10 to a raid but if you don’t you can just try to run shuttles with groups of 5. (5 is enough for Celesteela if people join). I invite 10 and tend to leave fairly soon after anyone from second group of 5 enters lobby. There is a maximum of 10 remote raiders per raid so I often need to get out, to let #10 in. Then I delete those 10 friends I just sent off my friend list. And add the next 10. And repeat. People are pretty good, if you communicate what you’re doing clearly. Hope that makes sense.

  14. Thank you for explaining it well. I have previously hosted raids with 10 but I usually join in. I do want to try shuttling for raids like this to help out. I was just unsure how late I can leave before its counted as being part of the raid. After sending invites for 2nd group of 5, sometimes you don't see them joining until last 20-10s countdown. I suppose/assume as long as you leave while still in the lobby, (even with 1sec to spare?) it will not count as being part of the raid. Thanks again I'll give it a go and try not to be so anxious about lol.

  15. Yeah any time before raid starts. But you don’t need to stay til dying second. The 5 from second lot can still join after you leave, so long as one of them is already there

  16. Sorry only couple mins left now and sent everyone else.

  17. Sorry, edited out after 40+ requests each in the first min. The morning of a Day 1 release is mental

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