1. Any one else getting royally fucked at their commands due to the IST? I have lost opportunities to attend courses and schools that I have looked forward to my entire career, some that I won't get back. I didn't lose them of my choice, I actually wasn't considered or approved for them by my command or training reps because of this. The courses and trainings that I'm talking about are very selective and expensive, I had a seat for one in April that I lost this week. This course would have set me up for life, and was a course I had only dreamed of being able to attend years ago. Had we seen results ANY TIME between August and the start of 2023 I would have been able to go to my course (if I wasn't accepted for IST). I just don't understand how, at the very least, we couldn't get a notification if we met the board.

  2. I have empathy for your situation but would like to try to play devil's advocate to attempt to make you feel better about this. What I am about to say is coming from a positive/mentorship place in my mind.

  3. I certainly appreciate the constructive response. I should have worded some of that better, a lot of the smaller courses and certifications that I had the opportunity to take I wasn't able to. That "big one" with a 2 year pipeline following was one that I actually was good to go for, had I not been selected and/or had that answer by this week. The timing for everything seemed to line up perfectly, even with the first few delays, I had always looked at it as "Well if I don't make the IST, at least I can continue since I have that course in April.". I had that seat for quite a while, since August, as the seats are allocated much ahead of time.

  4. This process certainly has failed many. Thank you for being candid with us all here on your situation. I hope there is a hot-wash on this process that leads to a process improvement for future boards.

  5. Would make it easier for the TV audience if they just did a real-time cut-over to the VAR with audio of the conversation between the ref and VAR. Rugby has a similar blueprint if FIFA were to want to find a place to begin.

  6. Personally I really love the stories behind the scents and they're really nice especially if you're looking for moderate sillage about 4-6 hours wear (in my experience) I started with the discovery set and now I have coffee break, jazz club, and the oil perfumery dupe of by the fireplace all of which I really enjoy! Looking forward to spring to try out some of their more floral scents

  7. Not sure if OP means "Replica" as in the Replica line or using it as another word for "Clone". But I agree with you either way.

  8. I believe ii is up to each State however, aside from not being able to be assigned playoffs for a year after moving isn't the worst. Your experience should give an assignor the ability to give you some decent games that a Class 2 wouldn't normally be assigned. Best of luck!

  9. CIF Registration Site links to highschoolofficials(.)com

  10. I would see if you know anyone with a Cricut (pronounced Cricket). It's a customization project cutting machine. Maybe you could get some vinyl cut to a design to stick on the cards.

  11. As a 6F in a shop that is 20% manned should I:

  12. Going soon, but I have advice for everyone here.

  13. At my location, we have boards similar to hockey with no out of bounce. All kicks are Direct. A DFK occurs after it hits the side or ceiling netting. If it hits the ceiling, it is a DFK directly below the spot where it hits, for the defending team. If the side netting, then it restarts with a DFK about 1m/3ft from the wall to the defending team.

  14. PR teams have control of these accounts. If anyone really thinks their favorite 80+ yr old lifelong politician is hand jamming tweets, they're an ignorant soul.

  15. Although I am a Med Tech TSgt I enjoy getting out and hanging out with the Security Forces for EAGLS. I've had some really good conversations with SF. Good group of people in a mentally tough AFSC.

  16. Not trying to sound rude, but going to ask a question because I think this is a little ridiculous. Who is saying a Fox40 is too loud while officiating a match? If it ever got to a point that a whistle will be too inappropriate for a venue I would just resort to yelling "foul".

  17. It's easy to make one's ears ring with a Fox 40. If your ears are ringing, you've done permanent hearing damage. Therefore, it was too loud.

  18. I used to get ringing in my ears while both in and outdoor. Adjusting the length of the blast, force of blow, reducing ceremonial restarts etc., can do more wonders than one would think. In this case, I think an adjustment needs to be made rather than a different whistle.

  19. Always like the rim spokes, however the wheel covers look pretty slick.

  20. 3D Energy with 200mg and no creatine, clean after taste.

  21. Cringe and wrong. Also... Please ignore the US Spec F150 and Ford Explorer in the driveway of the family not flying the US Flag.

  22. Did he gain an advantage by coming back in? I would say your center handled this correctly. Law 11.4 draws a distinction between attacking players and defending players leaving the field of play.

  23. I was wiping down my car, not washing it, on a Sunday. Just a rag and spray bottle... A German Oma walks by and accosted me for doing work on a Sunday.

  24. With any 1yr assignment, it takes you 3 months to inprocess and settle in.... then 2 to 3 months to outprocess and plan for the OCONUS to CONUS PCS.

  25. The level of play and skill of players will dictate more use of the arms and hands. The pulling and pushing line, what determines the foul, will vary depending on the players/middle, however, being consistent throughout the match on what is and what is not, will be most important.

  26. 10% as I have a great Fed job. First 2 shots mandated. If they require a booster at some point, I'll take it 🤷🏽‍♂️

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