1. It’s hellish. I’m 6 1/2 months pregnant and work in an old and crowded building with no AC. I’m so over it.

  2. Respond after you see it and let me know what you think. I don’t have high expectations that it’ll be faithful in the ways it should be to the book, but maybe it’ll surprise me

  3. I dug it. I loved the nostalgia but the book was heavier on the horror than the movie.

  4. Did they include the uh... idk how to blank out a spoiler. Margaret and her... special internal friend, let’s just say. It’s my favorite scene in the book and what I am looking forward to most in the adaptation.

  5. Yes, it’s definitely a part of the movie. It’s one of my favorite parts of the book as well so I’m glad it made it.

  6. We were gifted one and I gave it away. I don’t understand the thought process that this is a normal thing to gift someone? It must be that normalized for some folks…

  7. He will eat pretty much anything, but doesn’t like tater tots. We live in a tater tot city so, it comes up more than you’d think.

  8. Please elaborate on what constitutes a tater tot city. My toddler might be very interested in visiting your community

  9. I live in Portland, it may not be the biggest tot city but they are sometimes more readily available than fries and can come loaded and with all kinds of flavors. We live by three restaurants/breweries with specialty tot appetizers and I have to go with friends if I want some hahaha

  10. My husband wears a safety ring made of silicone. He has large knuckles and can’t get his ring over his knuckles without lotion and a lot of work and after a few close calls we switched. He likes it!

  11. I went to the Crystal for Halloween and it was very fun, so I think their other locations are probably great. It was 90’s themed though, not erotic so I can’t speak to that.

  12. I have two thigh tattoos and they were some of my least painful.

  13. I think she’s protecting the image of the Hastings more than anything.

  14. You are so unbelievably disloyal. I can’t imagine feeling so much sympathy for people siding with a child molester over your own wife. Your wife has more integrity than any of you.

  15. Everyone has already listed most of the reasons I don’t like her.

  16. This is awful to have to say, but do you have a man in your life that could call and be an advocate for you? A partner, brother, friend, grandfather? Studies have shown that women can ask the same questions as men and get ignored while men can get a clear response much quicker. I recently read an article where a man had to go and basically repeat the questions his wife asked in an appointment to get a response. She was constantly invalidated and brushed off.

  17. These are great finds! Xandy definitely does, he’s replied to me before.

  18. It’s hard. I haven’t been very open about my diagnosis so I’m constantly around people who love talking about how much Krispy Kreme, ice cream or their treats of choice they had when pregnant. For them it was a fun time to splurge, I don’t get that freedom…

  19. When she dated Russ, before they were ever even official, Ross said she owed him a conversation before dating again.

  20. Agreed. But also why didn’t one of them just go get one from Joey?

  21. That was while Joey was living in his own apartment. They probably assumed Chandler wouldn't have any, because, well, it's Chandler, and they didn't really know Eddie well enough to ask.

  22. I would have at least given Chandler a try but I see your point about Joey.

  23. Is this the one that was making all kinds of shady financial deals from prison? If he can continue to profit and increase his fortune from prison anyway, not sure why he should be granted parole.

  24. I love it. I love that Flanagan doesn’t shy away from unhappy/non-Hollywood endings.

  25. Besides Hill House....that ending took the steam out of something that could have been bleak as fuck

  26. There’s a couple of different interpretations of the ending and I tend to lean towards the bleakest one.

  27. Forest Whitaker & John Travolta-Battlefield Earth (feel kind of weird mentioning a propaganda film though)

  28. Support. This move has been in direct contrast to the purpose of the sub.

  29. I had a guy continually reach out for years from different cell phones so I could never recognize the number.

  30. I work in education and this is an ongoing sentiment that you will face. People like to pretend that they think teachers are great and fostering the next generation but really a huge majority of people feel this way.

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