1. Good luck with everything. I’ll try to help with some prayers. Also you might want to reach out for some assistance programs. You could maybe call the police station and just explain the situation and they would probably point you in the right direction. You could probably get free money and/or room and board, etc

  2. Sunspot is from Brazil. You might be confusing him with Sunfire, he is japanese.

  3. I don’t think claws are a power. They are more of a mutation. Healing is a power, strength and improved senses are powers. I don’t think she would gain claws, but it would be a cool twist

  4. she had wolverine claws like tons of times, she absorbs mutantions and powers, wtf are you talking? O_o

  5. Removing this since you are not here in good faith.

  6. Your claim to fame is posting about a girl who runs and all black d&d group

  7. Yeah it might make you laugh a couple times, but at what cost? Some dicks can’t be unsucked.

  8. No one’s disrespecting Jews, everyone is just being overly sensitive. Jew! Jew!! Jew!!!! See I bet that offended you but just I was just saying Jew. Adjust your sensitivity meter.

  9. Thanks. It’s been driving me kind of crazy. Do you have any more info? How did this footnote get so far off???

  10. You probably don’t believe in God either, just because he didn’t give you a 10 inch penis.

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